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SD (secure digital) cards are one of the most popular digital inventions. They are used to store data and significantly adds to the device’s original memory, making it quite easy for people to download and save whatever they want. They are utilized in devices like cameras, mobile phones, music players, and laptops. People are often confused about which SD card should they buy for the best results. For this matter, you can check for the best SD cards.

Here are some of the features that are mandatory to check for when buying SD cards. Before buying any card, it is wise to check these characteristics and know if they match your requirements.

The format

As the use of memory cards is diverse, many manufacturers and device owners have tried to devise SD cards to fulfill their demands. Resultantly, many formats of SD cards are available in the market. SD card is one of those and is the best one yet. It was first manufactured in 1999. This card is unique and became famous because it protects the owner’s information from unauthorized success.

SD cards are available in three formats; standard, mini and micro. The standard cards are rapidly being replaced by the micro and mini versions which are being used in almost every mobile phone. Standard cards are still used in digital cameras and are read on laptops using memory card readers.


Speed is the factor that varies in all SD cards. It is mentioned in a little circle-like column, which looks like a C and probably denotes the speed class. A variety of speed classes are available on you can distinguish between fast and slow SD cards.

These classes guide you about the minimum speed required to write data on the card. And the digit usually denotes the speed in Mbps per second. The fastest known class is class 10, which is ideal for high-quality video and photo shoots. For general purposes, class 4 and 6 work fine. Class 2 is the slowest and is utilized in standard video shooting.

Classes like 1 and 3 are newly introduced but they are too fast and hence too expensive to buy. Also, if speed class is not mentioned, that means you are using a class 0 card which is even slower than class 2.


By capacity, we address the storage amount of an SD card or the amount of data it can hold. The storage capacity has a huge impact on the sale price of the SD card. SD cards are classified into three categories based on their capacity; SD, SDHC, SDXC. The first category includes cards that range from 1MB to 4 GB. Cards with capacity as small as in MBs is only required by businessmen to store one or two documents.

The SD-High capacity cards have storage up to 32 GB. These are the cards utilized in mobile devices. In the third category, the SD extended capacity ranges to 2 TB in size and these are mostly used in HIGH-QUALITY digital cameras.

Many other features should be considered before buying the recommended card and you can get all of these on

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