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Web Development Trends To Look Out For In 2022

Current technologies are changing at a rapid pace, and web development is at the forefront of these changes. If you are a beginning developer and want to know where to focus and which skills you need to obtain, knowing the trends that are expected soon is useful. In this post, we are going to list the trends that developers will follow in 2022 and 2023.

Their use will not only assist to make contemporary websites and apps as functional as possible but will also contribute to their promotion in the search engine. Knowing these trends will give the developer that provides web development services an advantage over competitors in the market.

Web Development Trends

#1 – Progressive Web App

The process of developing a good mobile app is costly and time-consuming. More so, there are usually a few rounds of edits and modifications. PWA is a technology that converts a mobile app into a browser application. And businesses need to make use of this technology since the utilisation of gadgets for making purchases and orders will be increasing. For creating progressive web apps there are many resources available and we recommend using Bootstrap Admin Template as it is Production-ready, easy to use, and highly customizable.

With the help of a progressive web program, a user gets access to a website through a regular browser, and there is no need for them to download any application. One more feature makes it even more convenient — one can get access to this program without an internet connection.

Developers can add new functions, and there is no need for users to update anything. These changes are added to the application in the Play Market or App Store, and users can get access to them.

For businesses, PWA is convenient since it is separated from the server part, so there is no need to spend too many resources. Such an app is indexed by search engines. And finally, for coders, these apps are easier to build since knowledge of JavaScript is required. It is the most popular language and will remain in this position for at least a few upcoming years.

#2 – WebAssembly

It is the answer to the wish of developers to build codes fast in the browser. It’s also great for CPU performance and even faster than JavaScript. WebAssembly is a code-binary instruction format that is utilised to compile high-level coding languages into a more suitable form for browsers. Among these languages are ​​C, C++, Go, Java, Kotlin, etc.

Nowadays, WebAssembly is available for most browsers; the only exception is Internet Explorer. More so, the technology provides a universal solution to desktop and mobile devices. Therefore, the appearance and popularisation of WebAssembly are caused by high demands imposed on the performance of devices.

In practice, WebAssembly is utilised when the performance of the device is essential:

  • Games and physics engines,
  • VR/AR software,
  • Databases and 3D editors,
  • Emulators, neural networks, and PWAs.

The whole memory of WebAssembly is totally accessible from JavaScript; it is also readable and writable.

#3 – Dark Themes

From the perspective of UX, the appearance of the alternative dark theme is associated with the addition of this function to iPhones. And there is a reason for this — people spend a lot of time in front of the screen, and not only for work purposes. At least 3-4 hours a day, a regular person uses a smartphone, and these are mostly evening hours.

So, the dark theme helps to get rid of the tiredness of the eyes and save the device charge.

Dark themes are available in Google Chrome, Twitter, Spotify, and other popular resources. If you are considering the possibility of adding this function, it is crucial to start with A/B testing to analyse the audience’s behaviour and preferences.

#4 – No Code

Development without programming might sound like something impossible. However, this is the solution for those who want to develop something that is not too sophisticated but do not know the language necessary to write the code. For instance, one might need a short landing page.

With the help of these SaaS services, users can pick a template, use a visual editor to add and change elements, and even connect extensions that will add the necessary functions. In this way, one can get the site without developing code. Among examples, we can mention such site builders as Tilda, Bubble, Webflow, Wappler, and Betty Blocks.

These services have appeared because businesses wanted to make the process of building websites easier, faster, and cheaper. More so, getting the possibility to do everything on their own, entrepreneurs eliminate the need to explain their ideas to someone — they can do everything on their own.

Of course, a site created in this way might be slower than the one that has been developed by professionals. However, when one uses site builders, they are usually not trying to create an immaculate website. Therefore, the demand for the developers’ services is not going to decrease because of the appearance of these services.

#5 – Low Code

Do not confuse low-code with No-code. Indeed, they have something in common since both of these approaches are intended to make the process of building websites and apps easier and faster. However, a low-code solution is different. It is necessary for programmers. With its help, one does not need to write thousands of lines of code. To add some regular functions, one can make use of the ready libraries and simply copy-paste this code. As a result, the intellectual resource of developers is used more efficiently, leaving routine tasks to the machine. An example of such a low-code platform is Pegasystems.

It is expected that by the year 2065, coders will build the majority of new sites with the help of low-code and codeless software. For future developers, this will mean that the work of a programmer will become more complicated. Yeah, don’t be surprised. Easy and routine tasks will be handled by programs, while a coder will have an opportunity to focus on more sophisticated features of websites and applications. And this will lead to the fact that users will have higher demands and expectations. Meanwhile, high-class professionals will be able to make a significant profit since their skills will be highly valued.


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