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Top Advantages of Integrating NetSuite and Salesforce CRM

Many firms have been using digital transformation as a catalyst for process simplification and keeping up with the rapidly changing technology landscape for some time. For finance teams specifically, this has meant automating and implementing procedures that allow them to reduce costs and boost efficiency.

The advantages of syncing the two systems are immeasurable, and NetSuite integration account with your Salesforce CRM is a prime example of an automation process that is frequently disregarded. We delve into some of the advantages of connecting NetSuite and Salesforce in this blog.

netsuite and salesforce crm

Advantages of Integrating Salesforce and NetSuite

1. Improved Coordination and Productivity

Alignment within a company is vital for organisations to succeed. The teams in charge of finance and sales must successfully match their operations and predictions. To properly assess opportunities or accounts, for instance, the sales team might need access to the status of bills. If this information is easily accessible within Salesforce, the sales team may access it without using NetSuite or contacting the finance team, saving time right away.

The finance team might also wish to cut down on the number of emails the sales team sends requesting for updates on invoices and sales orders. In the end, by Salesforce NetSuite integration, we can improve the procedure to make it advantageous for both sides.

Data can move back and forth between NetSuite and Salesforce when the two are connected. For example, updates to Salesforce or invoices produced by Salesforce will be reflected in your accounting software, and vice versa. This lessens the amount of manual labour necessary for updating information.

2. Accuracy of Data

Making the appropriate strategic pivots in business strategy depends on having access to reliable data. Data accuracy is very important when looking at finances and accounts; businesses should be able to trust the numbers that are being recorded in NetSuite and Salesforce. It can be difficult to determine which tool is reliable or if either is accurate when the data in two important systems don’t match.

A survey claims that 41% of erroneous data is the result of human mistake, which is not surprising given the continued use of manual processes by enterprises. Businesses can guarantee that data is reliable across the board by eliminating manual data entry and connecting accounting software with Salesforce, especially with the use of third-party connections.

Using custom objects, NetSuite items can be reproduced in Salesforce. As a result, your NetSuite Companies, Sales Orders, Invoices, and Items may all be updated quickly in Salesforce using a record-sync wizard.

3. Dashboards & Reports for Complete Financial Visibility

Salesforce features a robust native reporting feature that enables users to build reports and dashboards on data that can offer insightful, timely information.

Teams may use financial data from NetSuite to build reports and dashboards by integrating your accounting software with Salesforce.

Excel spreadsheets have historically been used by many financial teams to perform their forecasting and data monitoring tasks, which necessitates the export of data from many sources. According to a recent study, 82% of individuals still manage their finances using Excel spreadsheets. Not only does this take a lot of time, but it is also very possible that human error will occur during the process. You can increase efficiency and get better financial reporting by combining Salesforce and NetSuite.

4. Process simplification

The solutions from NetSuite and Salesforce also assist in streamlining a number of common tasks that a corporation must perform. The two software programmes will assist organisations get a variety of advantages. These include of integrating all organisational operations, offering visibility for better decision-making, providing workflow to standardise processes, assisting in corporate growth, and also offering a platform for improved communication.

The two programmes will aid a business in streamlining processes and improving inventory management. This will involve keeping track of both sold and recently bought things. Businesses will be able to determine the precise amount of inventory they have accessible thanks to the two software packages.

5. Access to Important And Valuable Client Information

Businesses can gain from the useful and more easily available client information provided by NetSuite and Salesforce software. These two systems will be able to give customer information, scale, manage subscription renewals, track referrals, monitor pending orders, and upsell and cross-sell products between departments.

Businesses can more easily maintain track of the customers they service if client information is more readily available. They will be able to swiftly and effectively locate crucial client data. They will be able to obtain the information they need to provide better client service as a result.

How To Begin

Folio3 is a top business that can assist any organisation with completing the process of integrating Salesforce CRM with NetSuite ERP. The business will be able to execute this operation by employing a group of educated developers who are skilled in installing various systems. These consist of word processing programmes, spreadsheet programmes, accounting programmes, and inventory tracking programmes.

Businesses can employ Folio3’s data integration services, which include building automatic integration services for various data-merging applications. In order to ensure the integrity of all data, it will use file formats and database management systems. Business logic schemes such as extract transform load to control are a part of the integration process.


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