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Ways to Wear Headphones

It doesn’t matter what type of headphones you are using, if you do not wear them correctly, they can easily become uncomfortable. Most of the time, you will find that some of them are too loose, too tight or are not fitting well in your ear.

To ensure that you get the correct type of headphones, I suggest that you should strictly follow this few tips as discussed in this article.

Ways to Wear Headphones

Plug Headphones into Audio Device

The way you plug in your headphones to your audio device matters a lot. Whether it is an iPod, laptop, or a PC, ensure that it is correctly plugged in to fit in perfectly. With that in place, you are not only increasing your headphones functionality, but also saving your ears from any possible harm. Ensure that your headphones’ jack, on plugging in, shoulder pop in smoothly without being forced. If there are any chances where they are not popping in, then your headphones are, with no doubt, irreconcilable with the device.

Check the Left and Right Marks

Another important thing to check for is the L and R labels that are usually placed near the ear cups. The two initials are a short form of the words left and right hence they are there to guide the user on which ear cup to wear on which ear. A slight mistake will leave you uncomfortable thus it is important that you follow the instructions.

Check On Size and Material

The only way to ensure that you purchase a correct fitting headphone is by using the right size ear tip. In this case, you should try the numerous sizes of headphone tips that are usually packed with the purchase. They normally con in different forms such as in foam or silicon. In addition, they are giving a range of fitting options due to their size differences hence it is easy for one to pick the ones that properly fit. Besides, if in case, you are looking for advanced tips with a better fit, you can as well invest in the few specialized tips. Such tips are able to provide numerous advanced features such as sound isolation, sweat guard, and extra comfort among others. In case you are using wireless headphones, there are numerous bluetooth headphones which you can easily connect to your device. This is by simply linking your devices Bluetooth to connect with the headphones and you are good to go.

Slide the Headphones over Your Head

In many occasions, it is the headphone band that determines if it is your size or not. If you have ever used a headphone, then you most probably know what I am talking about. The band between the two cups that usually connect them hence they allow you to place them over your head. Now that you know, ensure that you purchase one that fits well over the top of your head. If it is not well fitting, adjust it as required for most of the time they are adjustable.

In conclusion, it is better if you check on whether your headphone is ear compatible. For much more comfort, you can anchor you’re the headphone to your shirt with a clothing clip. This will prevent it from flopping around while using.

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