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Ways to Know Whether a Site Is Really Down

There are many times where you would have been a recipient of a blank website or webpage returning an error indicating the site is not working. As soon as you type an URL and try to redirect to a page, the next thing you expect is to land on the webpage without any delays. However, this ideal situation is not reality sometimes, as sites throw an error saying it is down.

The confusion we undergo when something like that happens is whether the site is globally down or is it just for us. As we start mitigating the issue and start fixing it to our knowledge, unless knowing the site itself is temporarily down for everyone, we would not be able to troubleshoot it to a solution.

We all know the process the system goes through as soon as we type the URL. The link is converted into an IP address by the DNS server and is checked with the upstream server. The top server does an internal search and fetches the required link in seconds. However, if the site by itself is going through some kind of a maintenance upgrade by the host or is temporarily down because of some internal server issues, then there is no point in snooping over a fix. Any mitigation effort you try would not be fructified unless the site itself picks up and starts functioning again.

To check whether the site is going through some issue, the best way to check is through web browsers that appropriate the result for you. These web browsers give you the exact result of whether the site is working or functional without any delays. Some sites also come up with exact reasons and where is the problem. Below we will see the list of browsers that help a great deal in finding out whether a site is down or not.

Google PageSpeed Insights:

This is a Google product and works with a lot of precision. Apart from checking whether the website is down for everyone, it also aids people to up the speed of the website without any hiccups. It is a web browser that profoundly analyses the website and displays what all should be improved in the website along with announcing whether the website is working for everyone or not. There is an analyze button placed at the bottom of the browser and all you have to do is just place the website address in the tab above the button and press it. If the website has an internal issue, this browser will just specify it cannot be reached which implies the site is down for everyone.

Google PageSpeed Insights


Another alternative for Google PageSpeed browser which works similarly in terms of functionalities. This web browser literally rates the performance of websites and gives an overall analysis of it promptly. It uses PageSpeed attributes to check the speed of the website along with giving a conclusion of whether the website is working or down.



This is an apt and on-spot web browser that informs whether the website is working or not without any delay. It’s a very user-friendly website which gives clear-cut detail about the website without any delay or additional procedures. It also gives an account of how fast the website works and the trajectory graph of its functional pace. Some user comments and reviews are also displayed in order to get feedback about the website.



This browser gives a clear report of the intended website along with the response time and speed with which it appears. One of the specially dedicated websites to check whether it is working globally or not. It takes that particular URL and circulates the link in all checkpoints and destinations by giving us an exact account of how it is working. The final result is in the form of a report which also gives a detailed list of its timings and speed which is accurate in all proportions.


Down for everyone or just me:

If your target browser to check a site is all about simplicity and to-the-point response, then this site cuts out perfectly. It is lightweight and very easily navigable by the users which has no complexities involved with the procedure. Just typing the website in the tab and pressing the button would give the result instantly without much ado.

Down for everyone or just me


This website is purely for checking the speed of the website. It also spills open the issues with the website if any. It analyses and comes up with points what is not working for the site. If the site is globally down, then it will throw an instant error showing that the result cannot be fetched. This will imply that the site is not working for anyone and probably need fixing from the host itself.


Website Planet:

This is another simple website which only checks for the status of the site whether it is not working globally or just for you. It monitors the website thoroughly and gives the result perfectly to precision. It happens as a real-time test and the result is also on-spot in an instant. A fast browser that inspects the performance of the website quickly.

Website Planet

Hosting checker:

This may not be a common name for a browser to check on the websites, but it has the capacity to analyze the functioning of a website from different servers and bring about an accurate result. It validates the IP address and checks for a proper conversion after the link is given. The interface seems to be the best in terms of simplicity and it is very clear to aid people to comprehend the result easily.

Hosting checker


This is an availability checker which also helps a great deal in exposing whether the site is functional. If any website is a dummy and is not working effectively, it reveals that the website is not available. One another advantage that tips the scales its favor is that it also divulges the hostname of the website and provider of the same.



The above are web browsers that espouse a clear detailing of the functionality of a website. It can be used to our benefit to check whether the website is working globally or not. This will clear the air of confusion for you to make sure whether our system is the problem or the site itself has some issues.

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