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Why Use Internal Links

Everyone that has a website wants to get visitors on the site and wants them to stay on the site. It doesn’t matter if you are a major retailer or just a part-time blogger, you want numerous eyeballs on your site. One way to attract and keep traffic on your site is to make optimum use of internal links.

Why Use Internal Links

What Are Internal Links?

Simply put, internal links are links that go from one page on your site to a different page on the same overall site. They are commonly used in the site’s main navigation, often found at the top or along the side of the main page. However, they are often used within the work content on the site as well.

Why Use Internal Links?

Becoming good at using internal links will greatly benefit your readership. Internal links do the following:

  • Establishes the structure and hierarchy of your site
  • Make it easy for search engines to crawl your domain
  • Enables the visitor to easily navigate your site
  • Keeps readers on your site as they click from one content page to another
  • Encourages that more time is spent on your site by each visitor

When you are building out your site, pay attention to internal linking. Most sites these days have lots of content pages. Some of those content pages will be for long-tail keywords, so they may quickly rank highly with Google and the other search engines. Make sure your site has deep linking to all your secondary and tertiary content pages, especially those with long-tail keywords, link back to your main page as well as any selling pages that you have.

Good internal linking, in conjunction with other SEO optimized practices, makes for a vibrant and healthy website. Be sure that you keep your domain optimally built with great content and good internal linking.

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