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Warehousing and Inventory Made Easier Using Cantilever Racks

In order for a warehouse to safely store and accurately keep track of merchandise, storage issues have to be resolved. Items with odd shapes or a lack of overall floor space can make stacking items on the floor both dangerous and time-consuming to handle. Warehouse cantilever racks by Simply Rack offers more options to get the storage you need in the space you have available.

Cantilever Racks

Reduce Wasted Vertical Storage Space

You may feel that there is little option but to store awkward items like long pipes in neat piles along the floor, but this can become a mess over time. It also limits the number of items you can keep in stock, or reduces your floor space to dangerous levels. Going upwards with storage is one solution that makes sense.

Create Homes for Hard-to-Shelve Items

Installing warehouse cantilever racks by a trusted source like Simply Rack helps you provide the storage capabilities to give odd-shaped items a home. You no longer need to store them off in corners or have them right underfoot.

Get Items Off the Floor for Safety Reasons

It can get interesting when you begin to run out of floor space to store items. You either have to trim back on available selections of merchandise and materials or expand to the point that it’s not a safe situation. It can lead to emergency exits being jammed and blocked, or simply a tough maze to get through. It can ultimately cost lives if a fire were to happen or bring you a fine for not having the access open.

Make Inventory Counts Easier

Using a cantilever vertical storage system will make inventory counts faster and more accurate. Nothing will be hidden and forgotten about. Everything can be separated according to width, length, type of material, or in any way that makes it easier to manage. You can customize the setup you need.

End Multiple Handling of Merchandise

How much time is wasted in double or triple-handling merchandise to access it for use, sale, or counts? The waste of money in labor costs can be astounding when tallied for a year. It also leads to frustration for warehouse managers and employees to have to dig around for items and try not and damage anything in the process.

Warehouse cantilever racks by Simply Rack will help you create vertical storage space that can solve most warehouse storage problems. You can use the limited space you have in a better way that keeps you organized and your inventory at maximum levels.

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