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How to Set Up Your Own Real Estate Business

Having your own real estate business can be a highly lucrative endeavour. However there are also a large number of complexities and requirements associated with setting up your own business in industries like real estate.

Certain qualities and attributes can make you a successful real estate agent, but these are not necessarily the same ones which make you a successful business owner. To be effective in the latter role, organizational skills, marketing knowledge, and the ability to manage customer relationships are essential, among other attributes. Customer relationship management is one of the greatest ways to excel in the market.

Set Up Your Own Real Estate Business

Here Are The Key Steps To Set Up Your Own Real Estate Business:

1. Plan Your Business

Don’t underestimate the importance of having a solid plan. A couple of significant elements to consider are your budget, your objectives, and your target market: make sure these are well defined, in order to help you set your direction.

2. Have Your Paperwork In Order

Make sure you comprehensively take care of all the legalities, registrations and so on required in order to establish an official business. Consulting with a lawyer early in the process can be wise.

3. Register for Duties

You should enrol for all appropriate state and federal government taxes before you can open for business.

4. Decide On Your Business Model

Think about whether you’re going with the typical brick-and-mortar location, wholly online with the use of cloud services, or if your business will be a combination of both. Selecting the right real estate business tech can make all the difference to business success.

5. Open A Business Bank Account

It is important to have a separate business bank account, even when you are just starting out. Not only does this make financial management more streamlined, but it also sends a message about your professionalism.

6. Set Up Business Bookkeeping

Whether you do this yourself or hire an expert accountant, make sure you have all the appropriate systems in place for bookkeeping, tracking, budgeting and managing accounts. Being meticulous in this throughout the year makes everything much easier when it comes to end of year reporting.

7. Get Business Protection

Taking out sufficient business protection is highly recommended for all entrepreneurs. If you hire staff or contractors, laborer’s pay protection might be required in your state so it is important to check this.

8. Define Your Brand

Your brand is critical: this is your public image, and defines how your customers and other important stakeholders see you. You need to define what your brand is: what do you represent as a business, and how do you want people to see you?

9. Establish a Marketing Strategy

This doesn’t have to be overly involved at first, but you do need some way to let people know you’re here. Set up a professional website and social media channels at a minimum. A great example of web presence is Bayut which has proved its excellence in the industry by working to help ease the search through an online portal.

10. Use automation tools to improve your workflow

Tools like are a great way to improve your workflow. For example a Facebook real estate app like can help automatically load your property listings onto social media and create and post sold graphics and videos. This is a huge time saver for agents

Never underestimate the significance of solid planning in advance of opening your business, especially when you are going to look for the investors in the future. A solid business plan is more often than not the difference between a successful business which grows and scales, and one which may never get off the ground. In industries like real estate, having a robust real estate CRM system integrated into your business plan can also be a game-changer, ensuring efficient client management and long-term success.

Building a strong network is critical: having the right connections in place is critical, and this is something which ideally you will have started to develop well in advance of launching your own business. Equally, positive word-of-mouth recommendations and referrals are essential, and the best way to achieve this is simply to offer the best service. You will be benefiting the most at the end of the day if your clients are happy.

As an aspiring real estate firm, you have to learn from the best in the industry. Take a look at your most successful competitors, whether local competitors or companies further afield. Broker of the month case studies can provide some good inspiration here. In fact, be sure to research and learn from not just the most successful players in the industry, but the not-so-successful companies as well: you can learn from others’ successes and failures, take these lessons and apply them to your own business.

In conclusion, starting a real estate firm is not as easy as it may seem. But with the right blend of cloud services, the efficient use of the resources and combining your abilities in order to develop the best service, you can effortlessly gain a good reputation and successfully operate in the dense real estate industry. Remember that strong relationship with the client is the key!

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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