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Amazon Cloud for Startups

Building your company just got easier with Amazon cloud for startups, there’s no need to worry about infrastructure, security, cost, and maintenance. Thanks to the Amazon Web Service (AWS) that brought cloud technology closer than ever.

AWS is the cloud computing platform that offers SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS services. The services from AWS are affordable, reliable, and easily scalable.

AWS is not just for startups, even the biggest enterprises are moving to cloud and AWS is the best bet for it. Using AWS one can setup their company’s IT requirement in minutes. It’s all in the cloud for faster deployment and as well as to serve faster for end users.


Popular services of AWS Cloud:

AWS offers many services where the list is too long to cover in this article, but there is more than one suitable for every organization. We’ll cover some of the popular cloud services for startups that might be helpful:

  1. Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) for Startups

EC2 is a virtual machine (server) that provides computing powers to users to run their application in the cloud. You can get started with the instance by deploying it in minutes to run your application in the cloud.

EC2 can be deployed using Linux or Windows with a pricing model as pay as you go and full upfront/partial upfront/no upfront payment by reserving instance for 1 to 3 years.

  1. Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) for Startups

S3 is object storage service in the cloud which can be leveraged to collect, store and analyze the data on a massive scale. The data stored in AWS S3 is secure and offers encryption features.

New users get 5 GB of S3 storage of Standard Storage class for free.

  1. Amazon EMR (Elastic Map Reduce)

If your company is into data-intensive task such as simulation or data mining then EMR is the right service for you. This service allows you process a large amount of data efficiently and it is both scalable and secure.

AWS Cost Considerations

Since cost is main considerations for the startup and cost of setting up infrastructure isn’t cheap, AWS is the perfect fit for your early needs with their pay-as-you-go pricing model.

As the business grows you can scale up the servers/services without spending too much money.

AWS can help any startup by saving their initial investment and indirectly increasing profit at the same time.


In the event of disaster or data is stolen in on-premises data center, the loss can that can cause an organization can be a major blow, especially for a start up company.

AWS has many data centers around the world. Leveraging this, one can set up backup of data into another region. If one of the region is compromised due to natural disaster, you can go live in minutes using the back up data from another region.

And if you’re afraid your data may fall into wrong hands, you can easily wipe your data from your device. 


As a startup, if you would like to set up your data center in the cloud, you can get in touch with Interpole. Interpole is an official Standard Consulting Partner of Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. With this partnership, provides Managed AWS service and maintains a team of engineers who are trained and certified for the specific cloud platforms. These benefits companies in defining their cloud strategy and making a well-planned journey, reliably and cost-effectively.

Author Bio: Ninad Gupte is AWS Cloud Solutions Architect, with more than 20 years experience in Hosting and Managed IT Services. He actively works on Cloud Adoption, Migration, Management, Security and Optimisation projects. He is the founder of Interpole Technologies. Connect with him via Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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