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Want to Make Videos to Leave a Positive Impact On the Customers? Try These Tips

An average person tends to spend more time watching a video online than read a text or look at different images. Back in 2016, videos accounted for more than 70% of the total online traffic.

That clearly tells you that videos have a much larger impact on the people than a simple text or a visual image. Every day, most of us surely come across at least one video which can be of any genre. Videos have always been more popular among all other elements.

Make Videos to Leave a Positive

Videos are so popular and wide-spread because people consume such content. It is easier to watch a video and understand a particular topic or learn about something.

Videos are the most powerful and versatile medium with which you can communicate with the masses. There is no other medium that can deliver a powerful message or create an impact just like videos can do (apart from living communication).

So, if you are planning to create a positive impact on the customers, we have got some amazing tips for you. Take a look at these points that you can go through, which will help you to create a positive impact on customers.

Step 1 – Grab the attention of the audience

There is an ocean of content out there that is competing against each other for the viewers’ time and attention. The very first step for creating a video that creates an impact is to make sure that people notice it.

The video should grab people’s attention. It can be a still easier task to make content that people will love to watch. But, what matters is if it is able to attract their attention or not.

No matter how engaging and interesting the video is, it is no better than useless if it cannot attract people. That is why you have to generate the intrigue to grab the attention first.

The top reason why the public always opt for a particular branded content is only that they find it intriguing and attractive. So, you can start by choosing a topic that can trigger an emotion or bring out the necessary feelings.

The video’s overall interest and relevance are always in the front seat when you are creating a brand new video. Add all of these elements, and you will be better off with it.

Step 2 – Deliver a particular story via the video

People are always willing to spend more time watching well-known content than an advertisement. Why is it so? It is because branded content is always trying to put forward a message or emotion that intrigues the people. That’s why branded content can be typically longer than standard advertisements.

However, there’s a catch. You need to be sure that the viewers don’t skip or miss out on the key message in it. Videos, if they are of 4 minutes or lesser, then you have better chances of engagement.

But, if you are planning for really long content, you have to ensure that there’s a demand for it. You can add text to video for better understanding.

Step 3 – Make a video authentic and relatable

When your content is relatable, authentic, and credible, it has the ability to engage the people and create a better impact. Videos are always more real and seem to be happening right in front of your eyes. Don’t they?

That is why they can resonate well with the audience. People tend to perceive a video more relevant and credible to a personal level.

When the content is original, it offers a better viewing experience. You can even choose to show the audience something they can share with their friends. This helps to bring more exposure.

Don’t try to copy or replicate what others have already done. Yes, you can get inspired by the already existing videos. But, a 100% copy of the original is against the law. So take the already existing genre, and make a video that consists of your own authenticity.

Step 4 – Try To Entertain or Inform

People are looking for two major things most of the time – entertainment and information. These are two sides of a coin that people choose based on their preferences, and you have the option to choose whichever you want. Through your videos, you can either choose to entertain the audience and keep them happy.

Otherwise, you have the option to inform them and spread used information among everyone.

But, there’s another way around. Nowadays, people are also creating information videos by adding a touch of entertainment to it as well. The underlying humor of such videos keeps the audience glued to their screens, and the facts or morals of the information are delivered to them. Even informative videos can evoke a strong sense of positivity, happiness, interest, etc.

Step 5 – Integrate the brand in a credible way

The ultimate goal of putting so much effort into a video is to make people more aware of your brand. Right? Well, you got to also integrate the brand in a credible way. It is essential that the stories you share and make videos on should be 100% relatable to you. If your brand fails to integrate within what you’re showing, then it’s an ultimate disappointment.

In case you are showing to the people that how your brand is making a difference, you have to essentially do that in a very credible manner. You can make use of action points that help the people to understand how these claims are truly associated with the company’s big time.

Final Words

Creating a new video can be a difficult task, but you’ll learn over time. Once you are familiar with all the dynamics, it becomes easy to create and edit videos. Whether you want to add a logo to a video or edit it in a different way, you must leave behind a good message. Thus, following the tips mentioned above is crucial for every business willing to make an impactful video.

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