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Walleon – Smart GPS Wallet with Luxury Design

The newest smart technologies and innovations have tremendously enhanced our lifestyles in many ways. One of these innovations includes a smart GPS Wallet with luxury design. These smart wallets provide you with many practical features that enhance your lifestyle.

A wallet is an everyday need. Not only does it help you in securing your cards and money, but it also adds a classy detail to your style. Your basic regular wallets do not provide you with the number of style options and variations that come along with these wallets. With these stylish and smart wallets, you can make a fashion statement while carrying out your daily chores.

Let’s discuss the stylish and useful features that these wallets offer to make your life easier.


Global GPS System Technology

With their Global GPS technology, these wallets will secure you from thieves. These systems allow you to select between either Bluetooth tracking, which has a limited range, or Global GPS tracking. Both of these functions are incredibly useful as they will help you stay safe. You will have to insert a SIM card, and then you’ll be able to utilize this helpful feature.

Long-Lasting Battery life

These wallets offer you long-lasting battery life with built-in power banks. You can go on for a month with just a single charge. Their battery makes these wallets extraordinarily efficient and convenient for you to use. The smart and luxurious GPS wallets by Walloon have a 2500mah ultra-thin 4mm Power bank to charge your wallet.

SOS Voice Calling

SOS voice calling is an essential feature present in GPS wallets that provide you with the ultimate security in emergencies. In case you lose your phone, or it breaks, SOS voice calling allows you to call predefined numbers. All you have to do is press down on a button for a few seconds, and the predefined number is dialed. This feature is a real life-saver when you are in an emergency and cannot use your phone. This feature also allows you to contact for help in a situation where you cannot make it evident that you’re calling someone. Safety is the crucial factor here, and smart GPS wallets ensure your ultimate security. This function also requires that you insert a SIM card first. A prepaid card is a good option.

Anti-theft Camera

Although this feature is optional in some wallets but it can still be beneficial. This innovative feature will capture and record anyone who tried to peep into your wallet. The camera captures a picture when the wallet is in “lost” mode. This camera has many useful functionalities.

Anti-lost Distance Notifications

This intelligent feature allows the wallet to send you a notification when you lose or forget your wallet behind. The wallet even sends alarm signals when you leave your phone behind. This feature assures you that a GPS wallet is worth investing your money in. Not only does it protect you, but its innovative technology guarantees that you never leave it behind and lose it in the first place.

RIFD Protection

Radiofrequency identification or RIFD protection is an essential feature that is also offered in these GPS wallets. This protection is the need of the hour as it blocks RIFD signals by using electromagnetic enclosure technology. This technology makes the wallet capable of distributing electrostatic charges around the wallet and your cards that protect the card’s contents from exterior charges.

Design Options

Last but not least, these innovative GPS wallets give you a wide range of styling options. The GPS wallets provided by Walleoon even come along with LED light features, which add an extra touch of class to your wallet. The lights can even change in color to match your different outfits. GPS wallets come along with multiple color options. The slim and fit design of these smart wallets makes them worth your investment. Not only do these designs make the wallets stylish, but these innovative styles make the wallets strong. The design of these wallets is convenient in terms of size and shape. It is easy to carry anywhere you go. It also makes sure that your information and belongings are well protected.


The innovative and futuristic design of these wallets makes them worth your investment. The app-connected technology allows you to recover it in case you lose your wallet. You can even track down the thieves if your wallet gets stolen with its GPS and SOS calling technology.


Ann Castro
Ann Castro
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