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How to Become Popular On Tiktok, In Minutes!

Do you also want to go viral on TikTok? Well, join the club! Everyone is crazy about this social media platform and no one can stop talking about it. TikTok is no longer just a place where teens do imbecile lip-sync and dances, but now it has become a virtual battleground for all the creative content creators from around the globe. In fact, any unique type of content can go viral on TikTok, which makes it more fun.

Here are some of the best tips which can help you to become famous on TikTok.

Create Innovative Content

TikTok is not a place for you if you are a conservative thinker. You need to unleash your wackiest and wildest side while cooking up the content for TikTok. Some of the genres that could attract the viewers are:

  • Challenges
  • Makeup and fashion
  • Comic performances
  • Skits
  • Magic and illusions
  • Gymnastic

41% Of the TikTok user base consists of youngsters, who love unique and out of the box content. Also to engage the audience, tapping into some viral ideas could boost up your following.

Still, You need to keep in mind that no matter how many followers or likes you buy, if your content sucks, you will never be able to become famous on TikTok.

For example, this Australian wildlife enthusiast and makeup artist, @witchytwitchytv did an ashen tone makeup tutorial and then encouraged her followers to donate generously.

Create Innovative Content

Use songs that are trending

Just like videos and hashtag trends, songs and sounds are actually a great way to get
discovered. Users usually click a certain sound or song, and then watch related videos of
that sound.

For example, the recently viral song Savage Love by Jason Derulo got quite viral on TikTok,
and any videos made using that beat also got quite popular.

Challenges to go viral on TikTok

Challenges on TikTok can vary from lip-synching to a song or a voice clip, to dances, or
different comedy skits. Such challenges are really engaging and have an organic format.
Everyone who uses TikTok would be intrigued to take part in such challenges as they are
appealing and fun. Also, they would have seen their friends or people they know taking part in it.

For those people who ever wondered about trading their place with another person. They
were able to find their answer with the “flip the switch” challenge in which they danced to
gender to do the challenge ( people normally considered their significant other for the task.
Bella Lambert and Dallin were the original creators of this challenge.

This is again a sub-feature of creating high-quality engaging and entertaining content on TikTok. To complement your content efforts, you would need TikTok Marketing from SocialWick to help you with regards to an increase in the number of followers, better engagement rates and more exposure. Once you have been successful on the tactical front, you will see your profile amassing much more hits, follows and likes!

Challenges to go viral on TikTokUse Hashtags

As we can see the trending hashtags on the discover page, using these hashtags which are
related to our target audience and our video, would boost up our posts, increase the viewer’s
engagement, and the video would be able to go viral on TikTok. For instance, if you upload a
fun video of you and your friends in a coffee shop, then use specific hashtags like #coffee
#Friends #fun, also you can take a step beyond these specific hashtags, and see what other
hashtags are specific to your video and are trending at the same time. For example,
#Coffeelovers #TeaVsCoffee. Or you can use of hashtags such as #Above30 for targeting
the specific age groups.

A combination of niche and broad hashtags are a perfect way to go viral on TikTok and
become famous.

Final Thoughts

By using your own creativity, thinking, and uniqueness, you can make any of your content to
go viral on TikTok. Just a bit of research on the TikTok trends, influencers, TikTok experts,
and TikTok algorithm could polish your ideas and skills, that would result in more eyecatching content which would help you to become famous on TikTok.

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