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VR games and their effect on the senses

VR games have an extremely strong appeal not only to die-hard gaming fans. The games that make use of virtual reality technology excite almost all people who have experienced them once. 

In addition, VR games are constantly evolving and offer players more and more new impressions and possibility. For example, it is even possible to run Sell CSGO Skins for real money. 

The various senses are increasingly involved in the games, so that a feeling as close to reality as possible is awakened while playing. For example, a new game developed by scientists from Singapore is particularly impressive and appeals to five senses at once. 

The following article shows to what extent the innovative gaming experience involves the player’s senses. 

Completely new gaming experience

With the game “The Lost Foxfire”, scientists from NUS, the National University of Singapore, succeeded in developing a VR video game through which users can immerse themselves in a completely new and lifelike gaming experience. 

Although the duration of the game is only ten minutes, five different senses are addressed at the same time during this short period. The player sees, hears, smells, touches and feels the temperature. The developers’ promise thus promises an unprecedented degree of reality. 

Innovative real-time perception 

Typically, traditional VR games use haptic bodysuits and headsets to provide sensory feedback. For example, a cool breeze can be simulated if it is expected in the current game scene. 

The Singapore researchers’ new VR game, however, takes this technology to a completely different level. Through a multi-sensor bodysuit, it is possible for players to experience real real-time perception, which is a great help in making the right decisions to experience a positive game outcome. 

In doing so, the aforementioned bodysuit can be fully customized and synchronized with a matching headset. This enables a variety of sensory perceptions, such as sensing different smells, gusts of wind or temperatures. 

To convey the temperature effect, five heat modules are integrated into the bodysuit, which are located on the sides as well as on the front and back. Depending on the user’s heat sensitivity, the maximum temperature can be set individually.

Mission: Protect the temple

In the game “The Lost Foxfire”, the player has to protect an old temple in Japan for one night, which is attacked by a Foxfire ghost bride. She got lost in the temple’s grounds while on her way to her wedding. Now she starts fires indiscriminately in the complex. 

The player’s task is to find the ghost, chase her down, and fight any fires with the help of a fire extinguisher so that the temple doesn’t completely perish in flames. If the ghost is sprayed by the player with the flamethrowers, the smell of apples spreads – these are in fact the favorite fruits of foxes. If the ghost is approached, the temperature rises. 

This innovative technology could not only appear in more and more video games of the future, but could also be used for training. Safety exercises involving fire can thus be simulated extremely realistically without the trainee having to fear any real danger. 


Ann Castro
Ann Castro
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