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Vital Tips To Find The Perfect Size Air Condition For Efficient Cooling Effect

Choosing the accurate size of AC is really a difficult task as there are so many options available. Buying a correct size of AC requires some basic calculation. As buying a small size AC will not able to cool the room and oversized AC makes the room more humid and it also uses electricity in excess.


Also, the right size AC will keep you comfortable in both effective and efficient ways. If you still find any difficulty in doing this then you can call an expert which will help you to select the most perfect size. You can also take the help of air conditioning San Diego professionals, who are equipped with experience and knowledge.

Vital tips to choose the right AC size

  • Determine the size of your home or room

Choosing the perfect size of AC depends upon the size of your room because each room or house size is different, so the BTUs will also be different. Cooling capacity of a room AC or of a central AC is measured by British Thermal Units. If you are going to install the room AC then you have to first measure the area of the room by measuring its length and width. For central AC you need to calculate the whole house area and that you may find on the property documents or on property tax.

  • Find nominal size with the help of model number

Nominal capacity of AC can be determined by its model number. You have to only find the label, which gives you the AC data. In this label you find 2 or 3 sections, which tell different information about the AC. Efficiency and type of the AC can be known from the first section of model number. Second section has a 3 digit number which tells the nominal capacity (not actual capacity) in BTUs. Moreover 1 ton is equivalent to 12000 BTUs/hr.

  • Manufacturer’s data

Another method of finding the nominal capacity is to find the indoor unit’s model number, which is the evaporator coil model number. After knowing indoor and outdoor unit’s model number, you just need to find your air conditioner data on manufacturer’s website by using both the model number.

  • AHRI Directory

It also gives you the same result which you have found on the website of the manufacturer as the equipment of manufacturer is according to AHRI standards. However, finding the data on AHRI Directory is more difficult. If you are using AHRI Directory then always remember to enter minimal information and then add more in order to find the AC data. If your AC is old then you may not find it in AHRI Directory.

  • Preston’s Guide

If your AC is older than 10 years than you can only find the data on Preston’s Guide. For this you only need to know the type of air conditioner, outdoor unit’s model number, and manufacturer.

With the help of such ways you will definitely find the perfect size of AC and make most of it.

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