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Virtual Reality Entertainment With The Dream Vision Pro

Hey guys welcome here, as we all know the most popular of anything in the entertainment industry is now becoming the virtual reality so called VR.

Virtual Reality Entertainment With The Dream Vision Pro

In the sector of entertainment, the VR is leading technology which has been demanding in the market since it is launched.

Virtual reality gives you real experience of being inside the new world of entertainment by using the technology to create a simulated environment in the scene. In other word it takes users to the full new world of 3d environment, where you interact with them virtually and feel like you are actually inside there.

What to consider before buying a VR?

The most important question is that how to check if you are buying a good or bad virtual reality headset. Here is some few things you need to keep in your mind before searching for it:

  • Compatibility with different phone sizes and OS.
  • Ground of view should be larger to make you feel more realistic in virtual environment.
  • Comfort is most important factor while using your VR for long hours.

You can check the reviews of best Virtual Reality headset for your smartphone on TechFuturae and have fun :p

Here is Dream vision pro VR (Virtual reality) headset

Virtual Reality Entertainment With The Dream Vision Pro

After searching over internet and some research I came across the Tzumi’s dream vision pro for virtual reality entertainment, I was little surprised at how reasonable price it offers yet decent quality it was.

Dream vision pro is a smartphone compatible VR (Virtual reality) headset which means the most of the work is done by your own smartphone.

It comes up with many exiting and basic features which are mentioned below:

  • Built in mic.
  • Supports both android and IOS compatible.
  • Has variable focus to adjust the best.
  • Many of compatible applications on store.
  • Got adjustable size headband to get you more comfort.
  • Up to six inches smartphone can be fitted.
  • Come along with the Retractable ear buds

Why dream vision pro?

When it comes to the price and standard design then dream vision pro is the best thing you can get at affordable and sensible price. And as we talked above features which hardly any otherbrand VR gives at reasonable price in the market.

You can also check TechFuturae for more information related to features, price, compatibility and many more.


We have found something good about during the research of this Dream vision pro VR. They are:

  • Nice app collection
  • Good fitting
  • Coverable ear buds
  • Built in microphone 


Some features and quality were not good at all. The shortcomings are:

  • Poor focus
  • Cheap manufacture
  • Difficulty to use large phones
  • Bad phone holding system 


After all this, the dream vision pro is much extraordinary and featured like other expensive ones in the market. Its retractable ear buds and built in microphone makes it cool in virtual reality world of the entertainment.

You will hardly find any of the other VR headset that ate under $50 and still provide high quality audio and the video. To start enjoying it all you need to do is just set up with your compatible smartphone and experience the whole new world of realistic entertainment.

This is perfectchoice for them who are in search of the virtual experience at a reasonable budget.

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