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Best Mall Kiosk small Business ideas in 2019

If you want to open a profitable showcase in the mall, what products should you choose?

The standard of each shopping mall is different, which is related to the target consumer group, commodity positioning, hardware facilities of the shopping mall, the strength of its own investment, the business circle and other factors. Therefore, when choosing a business, it is necessary to determine a small investment, high profit idea. Today, I would like to recommend some of the most popular mall kiosk business threads in 2019.

Coffee kiosk in mall

Coffee shops generally require very convenient, preferably at intersections, “L” (that is, right angle) or “M” (round or elliptical corner). In addition, in order to attract customers effectively, it is generally best to choose the storefront on the first floor, if you choose the second floor, you must have independent access.

Coffee shop occupancy, desktop turnover, climate, festivals and other factors have a greater impact on revenue. In particular, most of the citizens still do not have the habit of drinking coffee, while the consumption of coffee shops is relatively high, mainly for the white-collar class with higher income, which belongs to the “narrow crowd” consumption. Therefore, we should pay attention to the decoration style and cultural atmosphere of the storefront, and pay attention to capture the psychology of consumers.

Juice bar

Open a juice bar or food kiosk for sale in mall would be a great ideas in 2019. Fast life make people do not have too much time enjoy a delicious food. However a nice juice bar in mall will be great temptation to every one.

The nature cost of this industry can only be determined by high-end consumption, so the probability of success is greater when the store is located near commercial pedestrian streets and outdoor shopping centers. Stores need not be too big, and products can be packaged quickly. Features are very important, such as consumers understand that buying a glass of juice to quench thirst is not good, will not sell price and will not sell popularity.

Fresh juice is too thin for consumers to feel the cultural connotation. In this regard, we can consider the fruit-rich countries in Southeast Asia, VI and menu can be designed with a certain local flavor, the product line should consider adding special snacks, reflecting the unified cultural characteristics as a whole, taking into account fashion.

Mobile Phone repair kiosk

With the development of electronic products, now it is almost a smart phone, with prices ranging from hundreds to tens of thousands, almost once a year to replace mobile phones. So now there are many shops that buy mobile phones. A cell phone repair shop with elegant decoration and luxurious decoration will sell high-grade and high-quality goods, while the decorative plain or outdated appearance, the goods it sells must also be interlaced with low quality and difficult to guarantee.

But too luxurious or crude decoration, with uncoordinated layout, itself is an artificial barrier to reject consumers. Therefore, the cell phone accessories kiosk design of retail kiosk decoration must have a very comfortable aesthetic vision. Usually the kiosk company will design the store aesthetically according to the customers, market positioning and brand level of the jewelry brand. The design of the kiosk storefront should not be flattering, nor should it not be surprising. It is the best design experience to give people a beautiful feeling and fresh surprise.

Nail salon Bar

There are two ways to open a nail kiosk in mall . The first one is to go to school to learn manicure skills, and then learn to open your own shop. At this time, you need to rent the shop, then decorate, and finally buy a variety of manicure tools and product materials. The second way to open a shop is to join. Compared with the first way, joining can help you understand an industry more quickly. There is not only free technical training in the school, but also the process of opening a shop will make you worry. You can open a shop directly after training the technology in the school.

No matter what business you are choosing , you will need a nice and modern kiosk to display products. Unique Kiosk is a leading mall kiosk manufacturer ,can supply high quality mall kiosk with affordable price. When you ready to be your own boss, do not forget to contact them.

Ann Castro
Ann Castro
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