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30* Best Valentine’s Day Messages in Hindi for Lovers

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So here is the best collection of valentines day messages for your girlfriend/boyfriend.

Valentine’s Day has been aped from the Western culture. However, Indians all over the world have accepted this day of love with an open heart. So, every young and old couple alike celebrates this day of love on the 14th Day of February. People plan extravagant things, flashy and expensive gifts for their partners. However, love is not necessarily expressed with these flashy things. Love is to be felt and can be felt with the little things that you do for your partner. One such little thing is sending them a love filled message. These messages can be written both in Hindi and English depending on the language you and your partner is comfortable in. In India a lot of people still prefer Hindi over English thus there is a vast prevalence of Valentine’s Day messages in Hindi. These messages not just are well accepted by the Hindi speaking couple but also well appreciated by them.

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Perks of sending a Valentine’s Day Message in Hindi

The intensity and depth your partner will feel when you send a huge bouquet of red roses and a love filled SMS would more or less be the same. When you send Valentine’s Day message in Hindi to boyfriend, they’ll not only flatter him but also make him feel the care, affection and love you have for them. Moreover, why spend huge bucks on a big and flashy gift when a mere Valentine’s Day SMS in Hindi of 140 character will have absolutely the same impact. If you look at the significant aspect of a Valentine’s Day Message in Hindi for girlfriend then you’ll understand that a message is something that your partner will be able to preserve for life. The roses, the gifts, they’ll lose the charm soon. However, the Valentine’s Day Message in Hindi for partner will always have the same impact. If you have written your heart out in the message your partner will choose to preserve this message forever. Moreover, every time they see the message they’ll feel the same love and affection packed in the message as it had on the first time. So, they’ll end up smiling just the same way despite reading the message over and over again.


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Where can you get your perfect Valentine’s Day message in Hindi for your partner?

You can get access to the Valentine’s Day message in Hindi for wife or husband from multiple sources. One way is simply write your heart out. When you write your heart you can never go wrong with feelings. Only you know what intensity and depth you hold for your partner. So, only you will be able to put in the write amount of feelings in the message for your partner. It does not matter whether you’re much of a writer or not when you write your heart out you will never be able to go wrong with feelings presented in Valentine’s Day message in Hindi for husband or wife. Write about all the fun filled moments that you have spent with your partner and be as expressive as you can.

However, if you are still unsure about what to write you can take help from the web. Search for best Valentine’s Day message in Hindi and impress your partner with these love filled messages. You can even send Valentine’s Day SMS in Hindi images in the form of a multimedia message. What you can do is simply annex the best image of the two of you and write a message next to your image. With this personalized message you’ll easily be able to flatter and pamper your partner. Lastly, if you cannot get the answer even on the web, you always have Shah Rukh Khan’s, “teri aankhon ki namkeen mastiyaan” and several other romantic lines that can be used as the best and romantic Valentine’s Day message in Hindi. Take help from all the romantic movies that you like and recreate a Valentine’s Day message out of these dialogues and impress your partner with these messages.

Best Valentine’s Day Messages in Hindi

Kuch Dair Ka Intezar Mila Hum Ko
Per Sub Se Sweet Yar Mila Hum Ko
Na Rahi Tamana Kisi Ki Tere Bad
Teri Muhabbat Se Wo Pyar Mila Humko.
Mere Dil Ki Taraf Se Happy Valentine Day
Mujhe Tum Se Behisaab Muhabbat Hai Meri Jaan

Shehad Ki Mithaas,
Jaise Phoolon Ki Khushbu,
Jaise Pyar,
Jante Ho Sub Se Khubsurat Ehsas Kya Hai,
Aap Ka Sath

Log Kehte Firte Hai Jise Hum Pyaar Karte Hai
Wo Ek Chand Ka Tukda Hai,
Par Unhe Kyaa Pata Jise Mai Pyaar Karta Houn
Chand Uska Ek Tukda Hai.

I Love You And Happy Valentines

Mohabbat K Raste Me Har Waqt Dard Mile Ga.
Meri Mano Dost,
To Isi Raste Par Medical Store Khol
Lo Mast Chale Ga 🙂

Kisi Ke Liye Marna To Asaan Hota Hai
Par Kisi Ki Yaadon Ke Sahare Jeena Bahot Mushkil Hota Hai

Final Words

Above, we have listed all the details about Valentine’s Day messages in Hindi. So, this year impress your partner with these messages and receive all the love from them.

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