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Best Valentines Day Facebook Status to Send to your Facebook Friends


Messages have always been an easy and quick way to communicate with your loved ones. The technology has now provided a number of messaging options through which you can send your message instantly. The importance of these messages is that you get to express your love and affection in simple package of words. On occasions such as Valentine’s Day when the gifts and goodies have their prices sky high then messaging options with some creativity comes to a great rescue. You can send these cute Valentine’s Day love messages to your spouse or girlfriend or boyfriend at no added cost other than just your infinite love for them.

Facebook Messenger is one such quick messaging option that gives you a lot of options for messaging. Before you send the romantic Valentine’s Day Love SMS you can have a look at the various ways in which you can send these messages and really touch your partner’s heart. When you have to send a Valentine’s Day love message for girlfriend or boyfriend you can either write it and design it on your own or simply get it from internet.


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Why to send Valentine’s Day Facebook Status and Love messages

The Valentine’s Day love messages unlike other expensive gifts that you always get for your love can be easily saved and kept for a lifetime. When you send a Valentine’s Day love message to boyfriend or girlfriend they feel really special and wanted in your life. The other gifts such as teddies, soft toys, candies, etc are all going to perish after sometime and won’t be there for them to remind of you. Thus these Valentine’s Day Love messages for wife are a great option to make it a special day. Below, we have listed down some of the purposes that these love messages serve in our lives.

  • Messages provide a way to tell exactly what you feel: A lot of us are not good at speaking our hearts out. The messaging option comes as boon to them and allows them to write down their feelings and send Valentine’s Day Love SMS for telling how much they are in love with their partners. It connects you to them very deeply. You can make the message look very cute one with Facebook Messages for Valentine’s Day with special emojis that are provided by Facebook for the occasion.
  • A chance to do something out of the box: These messages provide you a chance to do something out of the box. Gifts and roses are given widely by almost everyone. You can get little creative and design some special Multimedia Messages and send it using Facebook. The messenger provides you with options to send pictures, audio files and video links as well you your partner. You can design, record such picture and audio messages respectively and do something special and out of the box.

What can you write in Valentine’s Day Facebook Status messages?

There are a number of things that you can do in Valentine’s Day facebook messages for husband or wife and make it a little cuter. Some of these are as follows:

  • Poems and quotes: There are several romantic poems available on the web written by some of the great poets and romantic writers. You can choose any of such poems and write them in your message. If you are good with verses you can write down your own poem as well. You can also choose the quotes and one-liners written by some famous writers of the past. Find the most suitable and love-filled quote for your partner.
  • Dialogues & Romantic lyrics: You are surely well aware of your partners choices and likes. A great way to send a special message is to pick their favourite romantic dialogue and use it in you message. You can also pick from their favourite romantic songs and use the lyrics in message.
  • Funny messages: In case you are one of the mischievous single peeps, then you can always try to send a smile with funny Valentine’s Day Love messages. These forwards will definitely be capable of making everyone laugh.

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Final Words

We are sure after reading this article you will able to send the best Valentine’s Day love messages. Happy Valentine’s Day to you in advance

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