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Use Your Computer for Health and Medical Services

Are you allergic to doctor’s offices? Does the thought of getting a shot give you the chills? Would you rather do anything else instead of sitting in an uncomfortable chair waiting for your name to be called? If so, there’s good news. You can take advantage of dozens of new online and web-based health and wellness services. Options include virtual check-ups, allergy testing, cancer screenings, vital sign checks, DNA analysis, and obtaining medical marijuana cards.

You don’t need fancy equipment of special computer hook-ups, either. All the mentioned products and services are available to people who have a regular Internet connection are willing to answer a few simple questions. In some cases, you might need to configure a simple video app for face to face interaction, or purchase low-cost devices for checking blood pressure, but that’s it. Nowadays, anyone can leverage the power of their computer connection for improved health and wellness. Here are details about some of the specific ways you can do so.

Do a Virtual Doctor Visit

With nothing more than a video/audio app, you can take part in all kinds of health services offered by your doctor’s office. Some physicians will ask you to provide basic data like recent weight and signs of illness, but for the most part, these visits consist of the doctor interviewing you about your general health. Virtual visits are an ideal way to touch base with your healthcare provider regularly but without the hassle to driving to a remote office and waiting for two minutes of face to face time with the doctor.

Order a Medical Marijuana Card Online

Instead of driving to an official dispensary or state office, spend a few minutes in front of your monitor and keyboard. Once you verify your identity and fill out a brief form, a medical marijuana card will be on its way via the U.S. mail. More and more states are adding this service, so be sure to check if yours is already in the loop. For example, if you need a medical card in Ohio, you can do all the necessary paperwork on your PC and then just watch your mailbox for a couple of days for your official medical marijuana (MMJ) card to arrive.

UTI, Allergies, Strep, and HIV

If you have, or suspect that you have, HIV, strep, colon cancer, any kind of allergy, or a urinary tract infection, there is a silver lining to the dark cloud of doubt, which is you can test for all those maladies from the comfort of your home. Ordering the tests online is simple enough. Next, results in hand, you can discuss the results with your doctor during a telehealth visit. Depending on the condition, test results take between five minutes and two days for complete results.

DNA Health and Ancestry Testing

If you want to test yourself for a wide array of inherited conditions, or just learn about your ancestry, you can purchase a DNA test online and have it mailed to you. After that, you take a painless sample from your mouth or tongue and send it in for analysis. Wait a week or so for results that you can discuss with your doctor.

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