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Unusual Ways French People Celebrate Christmas

Celebrate Christmas

You may all have heard about the Christmas markets or even the yearning for oysters and food during this time of the year but have you ever heard about the Christmas desserts numbering 13 from Provence? If not you will certainly like to you about the unusual traditions adopted by the French for Christmas.

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Floating Carol Singers From Colmar Singing Songs

Children dressed in Santa hats which are red in color sing French Christmas songs in northeastern France in a place known as the little Venice of Colmar. The French Christmas songs are sung on boats along the canal. They make quadruple stops throughout the city center and each time perform 4 to 5 songs for the audience gathered around the quays.

Zoo de la Fleche

French Christmas traditions dictate that even animals deserve French Christmas presents. The tradition has been followed in recent times at the Zoo de la Fleche in Le Mans where the animals were provided with gifts to be opened. One does not know whether the gifts contained some French Christmas food but the animals certainly displayed enthusiasm when opening their gifts.

The 13 Desserts Of Provence

If you are celebrating Christmas in Provence you will not be given the option of enjoying a single French dessert. On the contrary, it is a tradition in this region to have 13 options for desserts after the meal for French Christmas desserts. The desserts need to be shared by everyone to symbolize the sharing of Christ. The variety of desserts includes pastries, dried fruit, candied fruit, and nougat.

Racing Santa Claus

An Annual Santa Claus race is held in Issy-les-Moulineaux which is a Parisian suburb to bring a sportive atmosphere during the French Christmas holidays. It may well give you an opportunity to begin playing “sverigeautomaten”-” slots” but this is a festive atmosphere with orchestras and shows and you are advised to enjoy the same without fail.

French Christmas Trees Of the Designer Variety

Big names in fashion, design, and architecture create an annual exhibition of reimagined Christmas trees, and this year it is expected to be held at the Theater des Champs-Elysees. The French Christmas trees which are classified as avant-garde are designed by specialists such as Alexander McQueen, Dior, Louis Vuitton, and others. The trees are auctioned off after the exhibition and the proceeds are given to charity.

The Christmas Tree Fire Of Corsica

In front of the village church after the midnight mass on December 24, the Yule log makes an appearance in the form of a bonfire in Corsica. Generally, it is the responsibility of the children of the village to collect the logs and branches which must all be collected from the fields and yards surrounding the village. After the fire has subsided the next day all the villagers collect warm cinders for use in the fireplaces in their home.

These are some French Christmas traditions which you will in every likelihood not see around the world. These traditions are unique to the French which has a set of traditions built for itself to set it apart from the world.

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