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Understanding The Need For Systems Integration In Our Industries

Problems of automation are not rare and you will need a systems integrator when they occur. If you are a player in the IT sector, you know the importance of having all the subsystems functioning as a unit. A systems integrator gets you sorted out on that front. System integration deals with problems with automation and solves them.

Understanding The Need For Systems Integration In Our Industries

Systems integrators work mostly in information technology related fields. Systems integration is a common term in:

  • Computer networking
  • The defence field
  • Computer programming
  • Business process management
  • Enterprise application integration
  • The mass media
  • The entertainment industry

Basically, any sector that deals with automation will at some point be in need of a systems integrator. Many companies like Scaco offer systems integration services.


A  systems integrator is equipped with vast knowledge in everything that is relevant to IT and related disciplines. They are also well versed in the following:

  • Software systems
  • Enterprise architecture
  • Interface protocols
  • Software and hardware engineering
  • General problem-solving skills

The last one makes your mind go directly to mathematical skills, doesn’t it? It is not inconceivable that a systems integrations engineers will come across varied problems arising from the many facets of the job.

The defense sector

It is no secret that the defense industry is getting very well connected with regard to information technology. There is need to get all the information out there into one unit. The information provided must also be relevant and useful. The military, for instance, needs information updated on a regular basis. Systems integrators feel that it is necessary to have multiple systems connected for this reason. Information becomes old news very fist in military circles.

Networking is another issue that integrators have to take into consideration. As much the internet looks like it can provide a solution here, it is not exempt from loss of network which can spell disaster in the military, or even interruptions arising from thedestruction of the nerve centre. Hacking is also not a very far-fetched notion.


Systems integrators are entrusted with the installation and handling of automation systems. They also provide maintenance services for as long as the systems are in place. They coordinate with dealers in automation systems and avail their integration programs in order to be able to access development products and technical support from the dealers.

Entertainment and architectural industries

Systems integrators are involved in designing systems and controls that meet the needs of the clients. They work with the manufacturers to ensure that they come up with systems that satisfy their clients’ requirements. The client entrusts an integrator withselecting instruments and control ingredients that will determine the following:

  • Mix of output
  • Interconnection
  • Output
  • Program storage
  • Controls
  • User interfaces for particular activities


An integrator must be able to anticipate the needs of the client. Integratorsare knowledgeable about a wide variety of products and are in a position to find out about existing products. They can then advise their clients objectively.

Systems integration is highly developed and necessary for very many applications including sensitive sectors like the defence forces, which makes it absolutely necessary to source the services from well-established integrators like Scaco and other skilled system integration engineers.

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