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Types of Logo Theory Application While Using Logo Maker Software by Turbologo

Logo maker software such as Turbologo helps you to create a logo easier and faster. On the other hand, you may get confused about the design you want to use. You have to decide whether you want to create a logo that consists of letters, an image, combination, emblem, or abstract. Your decision has a significant impact on the customer’s perception of your brand and products. You should learn about the types of the logo below, so you can use Turbologo maximally. 

Types of Logo Theory Application While Using Logo Maker Software by Turbologo

Lettermark or Monogram Logos

Just like the name, this type of logo uses letters for the logo. This is a good option if your company name consists of three or more words. Instead of using all the words, you can use the initials of the company. It makes the logo look shorter and easy to remember. You can take the World Health Organization as an example. The organization is using letter marks for its logo because the organization name consists of three words. Nowadays, you will see the WHO as the main logo of the organization. Home Box Office is another example of the letter marks or monogram logo. The American television network uses its initial as the logo. Now, you recognize it as the HBO and it becomes one of the most popular television networks. Later, you can play with types of font and colors to produce an eye-catching logo and build customer’s perception toward your brand and products. Turbologo suggests you with some letter mark logos. You only have to write down your company name initial and follow the instructions.    

Wordmarks or Logotypes 

This type of logo is the opposite of the lettermarks logo. The company is using a word as its logo. Google is using this type of logo. Other companies using wordmarks or logotypes model are Visa, Coca-Cola, Netflix, and Disney. From the examples, you can conclude that companies that choose to use wordmarks or logotypes logo models are companies that only have a single word company name. It is short and easy to remember. In the case of Coca-Cola, the company name is unique and it only consists of two words. Just like letter marks or monogram logo models, you can play with font and colors. It will be better if you understand a little bit about basic color theory and fonts. You can get wordmarks logos referenced by using a logo maker such as Turbologo. Just write down your company name and skip the other options. You will see various wordmarks logos in a few minutes. Then, you can choose the best one for the logo of your company, brand, and products.   

Pictorial Marks or Logo Symbols 

Some companies choose to use a particular symbol as their logo. This is known as pictorial marks or logo symbols. Apple is one of the best examples of a company that uses a pictorial mark or logo symbol. Instead of using the word APPLE, the company chooses to use an image of an apple. This is the same case with Twitter. Twitter is using a bird with a blue color instead of using the name of the social media. Other companies that use an image of their logo are Nike, Mozilla Firefox, and Android. The key to using this type of logo is that you should have a unique and strong image that represents your company, brand, products, and services. Turbologo is not only suitable for creating letter marks or wordmarks logos but also pictorial marks logos. The platform provides various images you can use as a logo of your business or company.   

Mascot Logo

A mascot logo is different from pictorial logos. Pictorial logos often use general images or something familiar. Then, the company edits the image a little bit to create a unique, strong, and eye-catching logo. When a company uses a mascot logo, it means the company creates a new character. KFC or Kentucky Fried Chicken is one of the most popular companies that use a mascot logo. The company uses a character of an old man who can be the founder of the company. M&M or Mars &Murrie also uses a mascot logo. The company uses its product to create chocolate characters that have eyes, legs, hands, and others just like a human. You may use Turbologo to use a mascot logo. The system provides you with samples of the mascot logo after choosing an image. Sometimes, companies combine its mascot with a letter mark or wordmark logo to strengthen the effect. 

The point is that you should understand the types of the logo above. The understanding leads you to create a powerful logo that attracts many people. Then, you can create it by using a logo maker platform such as Turbologo.   

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