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What Are the Reasons That Companies Choose 0808 Numbers?

0808 numbers are familiar with ‘freephone’ numbers as they are charge-free from all mobile phones and UK landlines. This because the organization pays the full cost that received the call.

So there is no charge imposed on the caller. They’re defined as being non-geographic as they are not allocated to a particular zone inside the UK.

As an introduction to users of 0808, here are 5 reasons why most companies choose these cNumber lines:


  1. Improves customer satisfaction

Ever tried to get in contact with a business but can’t find their contact info?  It can be a frustrating experience.

With a free phone number, users can improve customer satisfaction and service simply by being available to take their call.  A 0808 number makes it easier for customers to reach them and get their questions answered. It won’t cost them a thing and they can call any time.

The easier customers can reach the business, the more likely they are to remain a customer.

  1. Easy to remember

Another advantage of having an 0808 number for the business is that it’s too easier and less complicated to remember. Extensively more than some other number, particularly if it’s a vanity number. This leads to clients being more likely to call which in turn creates more sales.

For those curious, users can browse all the available numbers on the cNumber page.

  1. Credibility

0808 numbers aren’t only for large enterprises. They are incredible and helpful for organizations, all things considered, particularly those simply beginning a business. Having an 0808 number gives business credibility and enhances a company’s image.

Users could be working out of their basements and clients wouldn’t know.

  1. Portability

With an 0808 number, the location doesn’t matter.  Relocating the business? The customers won’t even know!

Businesses can still be reached by an 0808 number regardless of where the company is located. All by simply by forwarding calls to a cell phone or any other phone for that matter! Moreover, once they purchase an 0808 number, it’s permanent.

Even if one switches providers, they can take their number with them.

  1. Marketing Tool

0808 free phone numbers can also generally help businesses better track their marketing efforts.

Think about it. A business has a print promotion, a good website, or perhaps an announcement in Times Square. When somebody gets the phone and calls, how can one know where they are coming from?

An 0808 cNumber line allows users to create expansions, which can then be associated with a particular campaign. One line for print, one for the website, etc. Thereby acting as a marketing tool and as a result further increase call volume, sales, and ROI.

So, is an 0808 line the right choice for the business?

The short answer is, of course! Users can’t go wrong with an 0808 line. It is the ideal choice for generating sales inquiries and give customers the most incentive to contact any business.

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