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TunesGo- Must Have Phone Manager Detailed Review

In a world of increasing technology and fast paced lives, our task lists are never ending and the work desk is a constant clutter.

In order to keep up with the corporate life styles we all lead, little manual tasks can be taken care of with the help of this multiplatform software called TunesGo. It is available on both windows and IOS.

Features Of TunesDo

The best feature about TunesGo is that in provides immense flexibility in managing any kind of content. TunesGo helps in managing your entire mobile lifestyle with a few clicks and stores it in one convenient place.

The tabs included are music, photos, contacts, messages, apps, file explorer and tool box. Supported files include music, playlists, videos, podcasts, ITunes, TV shows, audio books and so much more.

Making memories and treasuring them in the long run is supremely easy with TunesGo since it has the unlimited capability of saving images, music and other important files, in one click.

Multiple apple devices can be linked to TunesGo and music can be copied from one device to another. Media can also be converted into different formats and be transferred to other apple or window devices. The versatility of the software is what surprises me. It has the power to be anything you want it to be, and it moulds itself accordingly.

Importing contacts from outlook to your device has never been so smooth. It has options of backing up SMS messages from your IOS/Windows device to your computer.

The other advantages are:

  • Converting media files without any restrictions.
  • Having the benefits of ITunes without its disadvantages.
  • Transferring entire playlists with just a single click.
  • Maintaining the audio quality despite converting and transference.
  • It allows you to share music files after purchase, through apps like Amazon and Google Play. You can also use different Apple Ids to make the purchase.
  • Music labels can be fixed immediately after a download or buy.
  • De-duplicate button which allows you to delete music duplicates with a single click, thus restoring the originals instead.
  • The back-up option for music is extraordinary because any new device can be restored with the help of this software.
  • A 30 day money return can be guaranteed when you buy the software. This allows users to generate more trust and have full-fledged support in the functioning.
  • The software has the ability to get automatically updated without any cost.
  • The feature game is intense, making it an unbelievable app manager for all your important daily activities.
  • Your favourite applications can be backed up as a whole by using this software. It is ultimately a blessing in disguise.
  • Checking every nook and corner of your phone has been made easier with the help of TunesGo. You can unhide hidden files and make corrupted files be available once you convert it.
  • You can now use device as a flash drive with the help of TunesGo.

I also tried using other software which is similar in function as to what TunesGo is. But the sheer user friendly qualities of this software are what helped me solidify my decision. The speed at which streaming is recorded is what surprises me. It is perfect for beginners and some features it contains, is different from the traditional iTunes, but worth it nonetheless. The user interface is uncluttered and the compatibility for it to be used by users of Windows and Iphone alike is something which can’t be ignored. This review isn’t made available to badmouth about iTunes. ITunes and TunesGo are different in their functionality and TunesGo is more of a middle path that can be chosen in respect to both. TunesGo fits right between the Apple operating system and the Windows software.

TunesGo is capable of being your only software manager but at the end of the day, it is upto you if you want both ITunes as well as TunesGo for the smooth functioning of your device. As a multiplatform, the advantages are many and the disadvantages are few.

One such problem here is that as paid software, TunesGo is on the pricier side. This disadvantage tends to block out some users who consider the tag more than the other usages. This issue hangs over your head but if ignored, you’d fully understand the unparalleled service TunesGo can offer you.

It does not technical knowledge. As a new user, you are most likely to dive headfirst into the software, and explore it in order to understand the user interface of it. The flexible back up options is what makes TunesGo discreet in terms of uses, and constantly evolves in itself, despite the sheer number of applications that exist today.

There are hardly any compatibility issues with TunesGo, thus making for an effortlessly chic software that can be your task manager whenever and wherever you want.

Final Words

Apart from the cost of this product, there’s no major disadvantage that should make TunesGo a complete no. Buying this software can be thought of as an investment. This review can help you establish a keen sense of judgement in going for this product, thus flushing out the doubt and bringing in the positives.

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