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Top Websites To Upgrade Your Skills

It goes without saying how one can improve their career prospects simply by upgrading their skills and obviously learning doesn’t always have to take place in a school. Whether you are looking for new opportunities or are aspiring to move into a senior role, developing and enhancing one’s skills increases chances of reaching career goals sooner than expected.

The world is as competitive as it gets, but don’t let that put you down. Instead, muster all your energy and focus and improve your shot at not only your professional life, but also personal life with valuable skillsets that sets you apart from the crowd.

Top Websites To Upgrade Your Skil

Learn and develop your skills at your own pace with the help of the following websites that have proved to serve more than most with their peculiar but interesting offerings –

  • Duolingo

Skills: Foreign languages

What’s better than knowing two languages? Knowing three. Arguably the best free language learning website cum application out there, Duolingo is a gem to be cherished for people across all ages. The American website offers a fun and interactive user experience that makes language learning fun and addictive. It brings about a gamified approach to learning a foreign language and very few other platforms prove to be as effective as this one, thanks to its unique accomplishments and incentives that will keep you hooked at least until you pick up the basics of the new language. Highly acclaimed tech and consumer reviewer website CNET weighed up Duolingo as a ‘fun and functional approach’ to learn and language, and we couldn’t agree more.

  • One Month

Skills: Programming, Crypto, Blockchain, Business. Design etc.

One Month offers courses ranging across wide variety of topics and skills as mentioned above – from HTML and Ruby on Rails to Content Marketing and Front-end Web Developer. As the name stands, the platform helps you learn the skill you are interested in within a month, more or less. Of course, most of it depends on the learner’s ability to grasp things quickly and dedicate their time whole heartedly to pick up the required skill.

  • Coursera

Skills: Literally anything

Coursera is the grandaddy of skill and knowledge providing websites, and arguably the biggest Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) provider worldwide. All verified courses are conducted by leading universities and organizations from across the world, offering everything from simple modules, certifications and even degrees in a variety of subjects. From personal development and business courses to biology and astronomy, Coursera is the ultimate platform to build one’s knowledge and skills. You can learn almost anything and what’s better is the flexible learning methodologies incorporated. As PCMag put it, Coursera is as straightforward as it gets, despite not being cutting edge.

  • Skillshare

Skills: Animation, Writing, Business, Design etc.

Launched in 2010, Skillshare has grown up to offer a unique way of teaching individuals and interested learners new skills and knowledge. However, its one-of-a-kind methodology uses skilled individuals to teach the necessary skills, instead of universities and organizations, which is what Coursera does. This means learners get a personalized viewpoint of their interested skills, as niche classes pave way for a learning experience like never before. Learn the basics of JavaScript, take classes in Adobe After Effects, improve your Interior Design skills or immerse yourself in a Creative Writing Bootcamp.

  • me

Skills: Habit building and personalized skills

‘A Home for Ambitious People’, the website claims to be. The platform’s free offering involves personalized coaching and goal-tracking, but its paid subscription unlocks the key to its unique selling point. It helps in building certain habits by keeping a track of daily doings and its accessibility and interactive design helps one to engage more often than not with whatever they are interested in. The holistic habit and goals tracking app is paced with features that involves structured advice, teachings, exercises and instructions to make better use of your time and energy. The community surrounding the platform also makes it a great deal of fun to be involved in.

With the boom in technology, applications and platforms have grown to cater almost every other human need – whether it be learning programming, design skills, catching up on a new language or even online betting and gambling – irrespective of one’s geographical location or involved finances. Speaking of which, Asiabet is a unique online betting platform that makes it easy for players all across the world, including Thailand, to access online casinos, sports betting and card games without a hassle. It’s easy to get one’s feet floating once they have opened an account. Players, whether old or new, can also benefit from a whole range of rewards such as free bets, loyalty points, accumulator schemes and cash backs.

While online betting and sportsbooks are taking the world by storm due to easy accessibility, skill-based platforms are no different. Gone are the days when you had to go to school or university to master a skill or gain knowledge. In an age of information, ignorance does more harm than good. So, pick up your feet and head to the aforementioned sites and power up your skills.

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