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MS Dhoni Family Members | Information About The Family of MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni Family

No one has wondered that a teen from a small town, Ranchi, Jharkhand, can become the world’s best captain. MS Dhoni is so well-known that it’s hard for anyone to be unaware of him. This mind-blowing cricketer rules on the hearth of billions of people. Still, if you want to know more about him and his family, stay connected to the end to know all about MS Dhoni.

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The ability of this individual to withstand pressure in cricket and turning the game with his wits and intellectual thinking have made him legendary on the cricket field. His achievements as a captain and batsman are genuinely remarkable, but Dhoni’s role as a wonderful son, brother, husband, and Father is equally impressive.

On July 7, this most loved Sportsman was born in Ranchi, Jharkhand. From a young age, he was a sports fanatic. Once, his coach asked him to play cricket after seeing his goalkeeping. He shocked everyone with his wicket-keeping skills. Later on, with his coach’s help, he took cricket seriously and began to play it with zeal.

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Real MS Dhoni Family – Father

Dhoni’s father, Pan Singh, retired from the public sector MECON where he  worked at a junior-level management position. He has gone through various ups and downs and wants his son to study hard and focus on his academics.

That’s why he was not supporting Dhoni in joining the cricket team. Later on, when Pan Singh saw his son leading India to the 2011 World Cup championship, he was thrilled and proudly accepted Dhoni as a player.

MS Dhoni Family Members – Mother

Although everyone was against Dhoni joining the Indian cricket team, one hand was always there to encourage him and cheer him up in his accomplishments, Devaki Devi, Dhoni’s mother. She is an honorable woman who gave birth to a son like Mahendra Dhoni who made his country proud with his exceptional captaincy. She is a housewife who raised her family remarkably and helped her children succeed in their careers.

MS Dhoni Family – Elder Brother 

Narendra Singh Dhoni is the eldest brother of MS Dhoni, ten years older than him, is a politician by profession, and has almost 10,000 followers on Facebook. When it comes to the Elder brother of MS Dhoni, the most controversies start to flare up. When the people know that Narendra had left his family before MS Dhoni proved himself as a big cricket player, they finally conclude that Narendra hasn’t contributed to Dhoni’s career.

MS Dhoni Real Family – Elder Sister

MS Dhoni’s sister, Jayanti Gupta, always supported the young cricket enthusiast in his journey. Both the siblings share a strong bond that helps Dhoni step ahead toward his successful cricket career. When Mahi’s career was going through a striving time, Jayanti was the one who pushed him to work harder as she had instilled faith in her brother’s skills. Now, Jayanti is married to the actor Gautam Gupta and living her life to the fullest as a teacher.

MS Dhoni Full Family – Wife

The one that rules everyone’s heart has given his heart to his lovely wife, Sakshi Singh Rawat. Dhonis’s biopic revealed that their first meeting was at the hotel where Sakshi was interning as a receptionist at the same hotel Dhoni re staying. Surprisingly, she could not recognize India’s cricket captain and asked him for his identity proof. Later on, they got into love and finally married on July 4, 2010. His wife is always at the back of Dhoni, cheering for his victory.

Family Of MS Dhoni – Daughter

On February 6, 2015, Sakshi gave birth to a daughter Ziva Dhoni. At the time, MS Dhoni led the Indian team in the 2015 world cup. He can avail his paternity leave, but he puts his country and career first and continues to lead his team. Ziva shares an adorable bond with his father and has her own IG account with millions of followers.

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