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Top Bitcoin Brokers in the Industry

 A bitcoin broker is used either for sale or buy. Bitcoin brokers have gained a lot of popularity in the past few years and especially for those users who are entering into the world of bitcoin. It is very convenient for buying a small amount of bitcoin. People refer broker as compared to the transfer

  Here some best brokers for cryptocurrency are mentioned

  • Best for US traders- Coinbase
  • Best for leverage-Plus500
  • Best for customer service- XTB
  • Lowest minimum deposit- Etoro

Lets we discuss the top bitcoin brokers in the industry

1. Coinbase

It is one of the largest bitcoin brokers and an easy way of payment for the beginners. It is also a fast way of payment and thus also offers savage of time rather than others. It can serve the customer in many countries like Uk, Europe, Canada, and Australia.  It is an easy platform and you can easily buy, sell or store cryptocurrency by this. This platform is user-friendly as a user can get all the information or talk any aspect of the business without any hesitation. It also provides the platform for advanced order types. It is considered a top cryptocurrency. The trading cost at Coinbase consists of two major parts

  • Exchange rate
  • Conversion fee


2. Coinmama

Coinmama is also the easiest way to buy bitcoin and you can buy bitcoin by registring on your account then select how many coins you want to buy and after selecting click on the button “buy now”. Then choose the method of payment according to your ease and read the instruction and after following the instruction complete the payment and then confirm the wallet address. It is sure that you can receive your payment within seconds once you have sent your payment. When you confirm your wallet then the order can be received to you within seconds. Customers from every country can fond the opportunity to gain this. Only a  6% charge is available on each purchase. For more information please visit the website


3. Binance

Binance is also one of the online trading platforms. It gains too much importance just for lower charges on every purchase.  This platform deals with lots of coins thus this site supports multiple languages of different countries like Chinese, England, and UK. you can use Binance to convert into any other currency. Binance has a very good cryptocurrency exchange app and it can be installed on any android. This is the best app proved as it benefits peoples a lot. You can see this app in cell phones like this

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