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How Technology is Making Our Homes Cozy

Without a doubt, technology is changing the way how we live our lives and making it simpler by transforming our world with fresh and innovative ways. Aside from making our work more efficient and effective, technology has also made some drastic changes in the comfort of our home by making it more cozy, convenient, and smart.

Our home can be your retreat haven when you’re looking for a place to unwind and clear your mind when we’re exhausted and stressed. Also, this is the space where we can be happy and content – being comfortable in our pajamas while doing household chores or cleaning the dishes.

However, the emergence of smart home technology pulls us away from the traditional ways at home and introduces us to a smarter way of life. This life promises to be less stressful, more convenient, more connected and especially more comfortable. From thermostat with integrated wi-fi to smart lighting systems in their homes, people are starting to depend on technology for their everyday operations to make their finish their chores quickly and easily.

Smart home technology can be different and personalized according to home users. However, the main objective of these technologies is to make homes more secured, less cost and more comfortable through the use of sensors and wireless communication.

Technology makes your smarter

One of the emerging trends in the home design industry is the integration of smart technology in home renovations. Smart technology enables homeowners to control parts of their home such as heating and air conditioning systems, home monitoring systems, locks, and lighting through a mobile phone while getting cozy in their adjustable bed frame. Cool, right? You start by searching “smart home” in Google and you’ll see loads of information about smart home products. It doesn’t have to be extremely costly to buy and install these gadgets because it certainly gives your home an extra value and habitability. Since these technologies are quite new, suppliers can offer free installation in return for your monthly subscription to their services.

Think about the time and effort that you’ll be able to save by installing these smart technologies in your home. By the end of the day, you can just get sit in your 10×14 rug while playing with your pet, checking out some purple mattress review, and not worrying about the tasks left on your list.

Technology makes your home more secure

Only a few individuals had access to efficient home surveillance devices before the introduction of inexpensive smart technology and powerful home Wi-Fi. Back then, the cameras were pixelated and ineffective even during the daytime. As the technology starts to advance, cameras are able to capture crystal-clear pictures which could help the homeowners identify the people who are trying to get in.

Many homeowners don’t know that the technology today offers smart security cameras to the consumers that can continuously upload footage to the cloud and surprisingly affordable. An example of this is a doorbell video camera that displays actual footage of your front door in live time to your mobile phone. Because of its night vision and high-definition video, you’ll know if who’s knocking at your door or if your king mattress protector has already arrived. This could reduce possible security problems because homeowners can send pre-recorded information like instructing the delivery guy where he can leave your package.

Technology makes household chores less complicated

In the past decades, washing machines and vacuum cleaners have already existed. However, there is nothing like today’s improvement, especially in technology.

Washing and drying clothes in the present time is much simpler because of the introduction of automatic washing machine that comes with dryer. Since it’s cordless and quieter model, it prevents the problem that most vacuum cleaners have. Also, it’s now easier to press clothes because you can just now hang your outfits and press it.

Technology makes your home energy-efficient

Higher up-front cost may be the primary reason why you are choosing to stick with your outdated appliance. However, swapping old appliances with newer and more energy-saver appliances will be more cost-effective in the long run for they are built to last longer.

For instance, it’s a good move to your substitute single-pane windows with double-pane energy efficient windows for it is already a requirement for newer homes. New solutions like spray isolation, which is less poisonous and works better at screening crack and hole, should be substituted for outdated insulation in order to maintain your heating and cooling expenses down.

Technology makes your home senior-friendly

Around 75% of adults over age 50 want to live in their own households as they grow old. In today’s generation, many older people begin to use cameras within their homes to make sure they are secured and sound. If they are alone, seniors may feel more independent and comfortable if you won’t call them minute by minute.

There are some indoor cameras that enable the users to configure notifications that will be sent to your mobile phone when there’s no identified motion at a given time.

Through their mobile phone, families can access the indoor camera to check if a senior needs medical help. Leaving seniors alone can be a major health hazard so a two-way communication without the use of smartphones or communication apps can put them at ease. Some smart home technology in the market enables the elderly with their tasks like asking their family relative do weighted blankets work for a sleepless night which can be hard to remember because of age or physical limitations.

Aside from monitoring the weather and playing music, many homeowners use a voice-activated assistant to control home technology devices and call without the help of their hands. Smart home devices can use these voice-activated assistants to control the lights or adjust the temperature. For those who do not have a vision or have a little knowledge of technology, it provides simple navigation and large display numbers to be easily used. This could also minimize risk fall at night when there is little or poor lighting.

Technology makes your home safe from hazards

In most households today, smoke detectors are prevalent. However, there are two types of two smoking alarms: photoelectric and ionization. The alarm of ionization reacts more to flaming fires, whereas photoelectric reacts more to smoldering fires.

How about detecting carbon monoxide (CO)? Smarter smoke and carbon alarm are enables notifies consumers on their mobile devices if both fire or carbon has been detected and where it is coming from. In addition, it notifies the homeowners when the battery is running low because it continuously diagnoses its own sensors and batteries. In this way, you will get updates from it and let you get some rest.

Sometimes, safety problems can start from the building itself. For example, a broken pipe can damage your home and ruin your furniture which can be costly to clean. To avoid this from happening, there is emerging technology with reliable surveillance capabilities that warns homeowners about the leaks and can automatically shut down the primary water valve with smart technology.


Technology, of course, has altered our way of life. Technology made life so much simpler. With that, it made our homes much comfortable and livable. At the end of the day, without a doubt that technology is here to stay, and about to continue having a significant effect on our daily lives. And hopefully, it’s for the better.

Suumit Shah
Suumit Shah
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