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What is the Difference Between the GED and a High School Equivalency Exam?

Earning a high school diploma is a vital step on the path to success in education and career. Those without a high school diploma often earn far less than those who get their high school diploma, and they’ll have limited opportunities for employment and higher education.

Luckily, there are many ways to obtain an alternative to a traditional high school diploma. Keep reading to learn more about the GED and other high school equivalency exam options.

What is a High School Equivalency Credential?

A high school equivalency credential is a way for those without a high school diploma to demonstrate their high school-level academic skills. There are a variety of high school equivalency credentials available across the country, including:

  • HiSET.  The High School Equivalency Test was introduced in 2014 as an exam for anyone who wants to get their high school equivalency credential. The HiSET accepts test-takers under the age of 18.
  • TASC. The Test Assessing Secondary Completion is a newer high school equivalency test that also allows those under the age of 18 to take the exam. This exam as a reputation for being the most difficult of all high school equivalency tests.
  • NEDP. The National External Diploma Program is an online program that students can complete at their own pace to receive a high school diploma from the state’s education department.
  • GED. The General Educational Development or General Equivalency Diploma is the most well-known exam. Test takers must be at least 16 years old and may not be currently enrolled in high school or a high school graduate.

Each state accepts different exams as a high school equivalency credential, so be sure to check with your state to find out which exams are right for your situation.

How These Exams Help You Get Your High School Equivalency Credential

Taking a high school equivalency exams, taking the NEDP online program will allow you to earn your high school equivalency credential from your state. Whether you choose the GED, HiSET, or one of the other options, each exam reflects all of the academic skills needed for high school graduation. These exams are closely monitored and continuously improved to help test takers be well prepared for future employment and academic opportunities.

To receive your high school equivalency credential, you just need to schedule an exam date, take the test at an official testing center, and receive a passing score. Each test has a different scoring system, so read up in advance to find out the minimum score you’ll need to receive your high school equivalency credential.

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