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Top Alternative Apps Stores For Android In 2019

Android platforms are the widely used ones. In short, Android users are in the majority than other operating systems and platforms. All the android users use the Google Play store, the most popular service from Google. Yet, Google maintains the terms and conditions pretty strictly, and the app developers will have to strictly adhere to these policies, especially when it comes to users. Google provides a safe platform for its users to download and install apps that are completely safe. Still, the Google Play store does not allow some apps to list in the Play store and sometimes those apps are preferred by the users for their own purposes.

Top Alternative Apps Stores For Android In 2019

Don’t worry, and Google play store has got a variety of alternatives that have enabled various apps. Even those are not available in the Google Play store. You can simply refer to these stores that are the best alternatives for the Google Play store. Of course, these stores are the pretty free source or open source. Anyone with the little knowledge of smartphones can get these online stores within their smartphones.

  1. 9Apps

One of the most popular and the best alternative to the Google Play store is none other than the 9Apps. It has got a variety of features and benefits within the store. You can simply just get the app and start to download the apps from it. The usage of the store is pretty simple too. You actually don’t have to be a tech; just the basic knowledge of device usage is enough and plenty. Also, the 9Apps APK is the open source platform for the android users to download and install the most desired Android apps within the smartphones and the Android devices itself.

  1. SlideMe

SlideMe can be known as another best solution and the alternative to the Google Play store. You can simply avail and get access to a broad variety of free apps with the help and the usage of SlideME. The online store has got a majority of the free apps in it. You can also get the premium apps within the SlideMe store for your Android smartphones and the devices.

  1. APKUpdater

The apkupdater is another online store that is another best choice for the Google Play store when the Play store is unavailable, or if you want some apps that Google play store does not have in it. You can simply use all the apps in the online store. You don’t have to make use of the Google play store, as you can just directly use all the apps without accessing the play store. APKUpdater has various features and benefits that allow the users to explore the store to its maximum.

  1. MoboGenie

The name itself implies almost everything about the online store. It is another best alternative when if compared to the Google Play store. If you can use the Google play store, then you can use and operate the MoboGenie market as well. It has simpler features than of Google play store or probably the similar features in comparison with the Google play store. You will have access to plenty of free apps and games along with the premium apps too. Just like the Google store, premium apps are chargeable. You can also get the apps that are not in the Play store.


Downloading these online stores can be the best choice for Android users. Of course, not everyone will need these alternative solutions, but yet, some of you might prefer using other online stores apart from the Google Play Store. Choose and pick your favorite app store and get your desired app.

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