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Top AI Applications to Control Website Traffic

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere, from Google Home, to Siri to Alexa. We have become completely dependent on a voice in a device to assist with the most menial of tasks. The good news is that due to the development of Artificial Intelligence website traffic software, website owners can now use it to control website traffic. Here are five of the top AI applications.

Top AI Applications to Control Website Traffic

Types of Website Traffic

There are four main categories of website traffic, these include:

  • Social Traffic: Social networking sites such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter allow users to provide links to their websites.
  • Referral Traffic: This involves creating reciprocal links with other site owners and generating traffic from their visitors. These links are typically positioned on the most prominent locations on the website which increases the likelihood of users clicking on the link.
  • Paid Traffic: Paid traffic helps you target your core audience. These adverts are either displayed on the front page of search engines or on social media websites. With paid traffic, you are charged when a visitor clicks through to your website. As well as social media traffic, paid traffic is the most effective way to monitor where your visitors are coming from.
  • Organic Traffic: Organic traffic comes from visitors who found your website through a search engine such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. Businesses can improve their chances of gaining more organic traffic by using search engine optimization. However, for SEO to be effective, your website will need to show up on the first page of search results. Research suggests that only ?? of consumers purchase products from the second page of search results. Therefore, to gain organic traffic in this way, you may need to hire the services of an SEO expert.

Bright Edge

If you want to the best optimization for your content, Bright Edge is what you need. It has many beneficial features, but perhaps one of the most effective is the Hyperlocal add-in. It allows you to gain information about keywords in a specific city or country; each site on your page is then personalized to the information contained on that page. The Bright Edge Application provides a unique way of evaluating how different search engine optimization (SEO) changes are having an effect on your brand.

Can I Rank

Do you want to improve your marketing strategy and drive more traffic to your website? Can I Rank will help you do this. Its algorithm combines marketing information from different platforms such as Twitter Ads, Facebook Ads, and AdWords. The data collected is analysed providing you with insight into which elements of your marketing strategy are working. The platform offers data driven recommendations and personalized reports. Additionally, the application identifies the most relevant insights across the various marketing channels you are using.

Market Brew

Market Brew is one of the most effective applications for controlling website traffic because after detecting the issues a site is having with its ranking, the program provides a solution. Once implemented, you can run a test to determine whether they were effective.


WordLift is a favorite with WordPress users. The plugin evaluates content from a who, what, when and where perspective. The information is processed by creating new entities and this allows you to either accept or reject them through an internal link for your content. Additionally, the program provides open license Google images which means that you cut down a significant amount of time spent on searching for them. Users are given access to their website information through a knowledge graph which you can then use for features such as:

  • Using Geomaps for locations
  • Generating timelines for events
  • Creating chords to show the relationship to different topics

Alli Ai

For those wanting to scale their business outreach, Alli Ai is the perfect tool. Its features allow users to optimize and improve their website content strategies in order to increase traffic. If you are having a hard time with SEO, the application simplifies the process with the use of Machine Learning technology. One of its best features is that it provides more of a human connection with its users.

Why it’s Important to Control Your Website Traffic

As much as you want millions of daily visits to your website, traffic control is essential for several reasons, here are some of them:

  • Prevent Website Crashes: The last thing you need is for your website to crash on you. This is often the result of an excessive number of sales or visitors at one time. A crash happens because surges in website traffic overwhelm the website infrastructure.
  • Ensures Fairness: If you have sales on and there are 100 t-shirts available at the sale price. Due to the popularity of the t-shirt 50,000 people want to purchase one and they all turn up for the sale. A lot of these visitors will be bots that buyers use to buy large numbers of the product in order to resell them and make a profit. They use a high volume of bots so that they can beat real customers to the payment page. AI applications can help separate the bots from the genuine users.
  • Mange Traffic Inflow: No one likes waiting in line; however, waiting in line is better than not being able to get in at all. A virtual waiting room is the perfect website management solution because it prevents the website from slowing down and crashing.
  • Backlink Management: Exchanging and sharing active links on a website is an important aspect of website management. Links in the form of a pop-up advertisement, banner and hosted content also form an essential part of website management.

Final Thought

Managing website traffic is not an easy task, the good news is that there are plenty of tools and applications to give you a helping hand such as traffic truffle which will let you know exactly which businesses have visited your website. It is advised that you try out different programs to discover which one works best for your business. You will find that many of them offer a free trial, which will ensure that you are happy with the service before making a financial commitment.

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