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Top 5 Ways to Write a Reminder Email

Reminder emails are generally written to remind people about either a payment, an event, or an action required for something. They make sure that all customers are well informed in advance before the last date.

Top 5 Ways to Write a Reminder Email

The most important thing that you should consider before sending a reminder email is the way you present yourself. The email should be very friendly and polite at the same time asserting or engaging enough for them to take necessary action.

Moreover, there are different types of reminder emails for different purposes such as account deactivation, email reminder, Discount offer ending email reminder, Event reminder email sample, and the “action needed” email reminder.

In this article, we will discuss some most effective ways to write a reminder email. 

  1. Keep It Short And Appropriate

The purpose behind a reminder email is to only remind people. Hence, if you want the readers to completely read your email, then you must keep the content brief while covering the main objective. A short email could be non instructive, highly effective, and colloquial.

  1. Be Clear About The Subject Line

The subject line refers to the topic on which you are sending the reminder.  It is suggested that you must use words that can instantly lure the readers such as “response needed”, “must-read” or “important.”

For instance, if you are sending an event email reminder, then you should only write about it, but if the email is about the deactivation of any account, then the email must have the details regarding the same.

  1. Mention The Due Date

A reminder email is always incomplete without a due date. Also, it is very necessary to strike a balance between being pushy and sending a reminder email.

Therefore, you don’t have to make it a big deal about the deadline by highlighting it, all you have to do is mention it clearly in the email in a way it is noticeable.

  1. Get To The Point

You should not write unnecessary things in the reminder email. It is because a reminder email is sent to give particular information regarding something. Therefore, it should be clear to the point and immediately lead to the customer’s action.

  1. Send It At The Right Time 

You should always deliver the reminder email at the right time. Consider the time when your customers are more active on the online platforms. Moreover, it is suggested that you should send 2-3 reminder emails before the due date or before the event day.

  1. Include a call to action 

CTA is important in the reminder email. It is because your customers may want to get in contact with you or to ask any doubts, they could wish to speak to you. Therefore, you must include the option of a call to action in your emails.

The Bottom Line 

Reminder emails are very important as they inform you about important events or actions that you must take at the right time. Also, there are certain ways in which such types of reminders must be written. The tone and the context placed in the email reminder should be very carefully placed. Above are some tips that will help you to write an effective reminder email and get necessary action in return.

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