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Top 5 Fastest VPNs in England

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a service that allows users to access a private network securely and share data remotely while connected through public networks. A slow VPN could be frustrating, and unstable. Hence, if you are a British citizen traveling abroad and you would not want to miss television and England culture, you should consider using a UK VPN service.

Fastest VPNs in England

If you are wondering which VPN offers good speeds that you can rely on, here is a list of five of the fastest VPN guide you can use to access your favorite English sites and apps while abroad:

1. NordVPN

NordVPN maintains more than 3500 servers in 61 countries and has been growing as one of the most reliable solutions for browsing securely online. It has the most significant number of British servers. It is the best choice if you want consistent access to sites like BBC iPlayer and other streaming services in the UK.

One of the advantages of this VPN is that their IPs are rarely blacklisted, and whenever that happens, they replace the blacklisted IPs quickly. Their servers are optimized for streaming services, and this means they allow high speeds for their connections.

2. PureVPN

Second in the list of most reliable VPN services in England is PureVPN. This one guarantees you high speeds, and its server diversity is covered well in 143 countries. The service is compatible with more than 50 platforms, and you have an option for a dedicated IP address. You should also note that PureVPN will not track the sites you visit, the apps you use, or the things you download. Your online activity is made purely anonymous.

3. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN offers an excellent data encryption solution with an intuitive client. Their servers are fast and provide consistent speeds, and this is contributed to the diversity of server location.

If you get any problems with the service, they have excellent customer service. They are professional and slick while responding to any issues raised by users. Every information you access is encrypted, and no data is shared or stored except the connection times and speeds which is used for maintaining the system.

4. PrivateVPN

It is a Swedish-based VPN that offers you many features to encrypt your connections and surf anonymously. The security of the VPN is strong, and as a subscriber, you are given many encryption options. Additionally, the company offers a zero logs policy. It has a good spread of servers, and their connection speeds are excellent for streaming and accessing massive resources online.

5. Buffered

Buffered gives you fast speeds and does not store any logs except for some connection data that is used to improve the service. The company runs servers in 45 countries and includes your favorite locations in the UK. You will get a 30-day money back guarantee, and they have an exciting feature called “port discovery” that allows you to bypass login requirements if using WiFi at places like airports.

Choosing the right VPN service will not only guarantee your anonymity while browsing online, but it also helps you to access different resources quickly. Many VPN providers allow both speed and security for users. In England, you can choose one of the many providers available. Few of those you need to look at have been mentioned here.

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