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Top 5 Digital Marketing Components

Digital Marketing Components

Digital marketing is a fastest growing business development technique, its also known as online marketing, top components of digital marketing are:

  1. Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  3. Web Deign Methods
  4. Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  5. Content Marketing


Pay-Per-Click is one of the methods of digital marketing.
It is a model that involves the advertiser paying a fee for every time their advertisement is clicked on. Though there are debates that say organic search is more authentic and ensures quality of the website. Thinking in terms of Return on Investment (ROI), let us say you pay a fee of $2 for every click on your paid ad, if it leads to a sale of $200, the paid ad would be worth it after all. It may take time for companies to build on brand name and customers, but that does not mean that the companies not under organic search are not good. Hence, to make your business be recognized more easily PPC is a good bet and you only have to pay when a consumer clicks on your link.

Coming up with a quality PPC Campaign isn’t a facile task, a lot of work goes into it. From picking the right keywords that your target audience might look for, to creating engaging content with those keywords, to ensuring a convincing landing page to boost conversion rates. But the efforts are worth it as 41% of the clicks go to the first 3 paid ads.

How to go about setting up a PPC Campaign?

You can either set up this campaign on Search engines such as Bing and Google ads or on social media pages such as Facebook and Instagram.  Google Ads is one of the most reliable and popular PPC advertising system out there.

Google determines a quality score for your ad campaign taking into account the relevance of your content, your click through rate and how engaging your landing page is. You take part in an auction identifying keywords relevant to your ad campaign and also specifying how much you want to bid for the keyword and where you want to place it on the search engine page. A product of your quality score and CPC Bid determines your Ad Rank. Hence, the higher either of the factors, the better.


Search Engine Optimization is the best way to bring about organic traffic to your website. People think that it is the most difficult way to get your website on the top ranks of a search engine. But it is actually the most effective way. Search Engine Optimization is purely based on the quality of your website, if you do everything right by the rules, Google’s crawlers will identify the authenticity of your website and rank your website higher. Many tech savvy people trust these organic search results to be more credible and content rich. Infect, most people click on organic search results compared to paid advertising of websites which makes up a meagre 2.8%. In fact SEO has 2o times more traffic opportunity than PPC.

How to get my website to rank high?

 Both Google and Bing’s SEO systems have basic guidelines that you can go and read up.

Here are a few things you are recommended to do:

  • Follow Heading tags properly and make titles clear with relevant keywords.
  • Create and curate original content that is elaborate and simple to understand
  • Your websites being shared or recommended on social media or other websites suggesting your link is always a good thing to increase your chances with SEO.
  • Your Page Speed makes a huge difference. Hence, ensure it loads under 3 seconds.
  • Use alt attributes to clearly label all your images so that Bing or Google can understand it better and even make your website show up on the images tab.
  • Make pages with its primary use in mind instead of tailoring it to the search engines.
  • Avoid tricks such as putting unrelated keywords in white font and leaving white spaces
  • Do not participate in any link schemes

Web Design

Now, even if your effectiveness with PPC and SEO works and gets people to your landing page, it does not guarantee conversion rates. In fact, what is the most basic element of your online presence, it is Website Design. If your website design is not good enough what is the point of bringing all the traffic to your website. To ensure higher conversion rates, you have to create an user interface that is impressive and at the same time serves its purpose. There are hundreds of themes available on websites such as themeForest. You have to find a balance between too fancy and too minimalistic and make your website aesthetically pleasing. It is also important to make your website responsive. That is your website should alter and reshape itself to a readable format no matter the device it is being viewed on be it a mobile phone, a desktop, a tablet, etc.

Investing in a quality web design could reap an outstanding profit. Here are a few key points one should take note while creating a web design

  • Navigation

You should have a menu tab where all your pages are clearly labeled so that visitors can explore your website with ease. A well-labeled navigation bar makes your website seem more organized and can increase customer retention rates.

  • “Content is King”

Your content should be spaced and paragraphed appropriately with legible fonts, this ensures the right message is delivered. You should also keep it clear and concise as posts that are too wordy could lose the true effect of what you are trying to convey. Also ensure your website is not cluttered with images in an attempt to make your content more engaging. Streamline the content and add negative spaces where readers can take a rest before being overwhelmed by more information.

  • Brand Uniformity

You  must be able to let people identify that it is your brand they are looking at when visiting your page. So, creating a logo for your business could help with this aspect. The logo should be implemented into the website design to make your brand recognizable despite the medium.

Social Media Marketing

Saying Social Media is an integral part of people’s lives is an understatement. Many people consider their social media to be their identity and hence spend a lot of time on it. Advertising on this platform can increase the chances of your brand getting more exposure. Also social media gives insight into the preferences of your audience. Therefore, instead of spending your money on a huge number of people with no guarantee, you can narrow down your target audience to people who are more likely to appreciate your product or service. Social Media makes inbound marketing possible. Inbound marketing is when the content of your ad campaigns are tailored to the buyer personas created by your company. Not only can you advertise using social media but you can also keep your followers in the loop of what your company is doing and even clear their queries on websites such as Twitter.

Here is a basic outline of what you should do when embarking on social media marketing

  1. Come up with a strategy of how you are going to use each social media to advertise your content. Planning and timing is key with social media, hence a detailed outline is of paramount importance.
  2. Publishing your content. You can get as creative as you want with it as it all comes down to how eye catching your advert is. Also, ensure you post at prime time durations to ensure greater exposure.
  3. Engagement

Engage with your consumers to keep them loyal to your brand. Also, update them on new promotions or discounts which will allow them to make the most of the sales.

  1. Analytics, Analyze whether Social Media Marketing is working for your brand by taking note of the increase in sales or conversion rates due to Social Media. Most Social Media have extensions that do the analysis for you. So, if it is not working make a report of what could be done better and implement it.

If done the right way, Social Media can bring in a gargantuan amount of traffic to your website.

Content Marketing

The quality of your website comes down to the quality of your content.

Quality is important because

  1. It builds Brand Reputation

The more authentic or the more statistics your content is backed up with, the more credible it will appear to your readers. Increasing credibility will make them rely on your website whenever they search for information related to your website and keep them coming back.

  1. Dominate Conversions

Good content provides six times higher conversion rates compared to other digital marketing methods. By giving consumers the information that they come searching for, your conversion rates will be boosted.

  1. Optimize content for SEO

Your content plays a huge role in your SEO Ranking. The authenticity of your content is monitored by crawlers when giving you a position on search engines. Hence, to organically get your website to the top ranks, your content should have high quality. Also, if you have more content, the more pages the SEO will get indexed for you and make available to the public. This could also increase the time people spend on your website adding on to your SEO ranking

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