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Outstaffing VS Outsourcing

              Outstaffing VS Outsourcing


A common question faced by several companies in various sectors is, which works better for them when it comes to finishing a task in an efficient manner. To grow in the right direction, the main question that is faced by the IT circle is whether to go for Outstaffing or Outsourcing. The difference between these two terms was explained by the ProCoders team.

Understanding the Term.

When it comes to understanding the terms Outstaffing and Outsourcing, people find it a bit complex. For IT-circle these terms are merely 10-15 years old, so unquestionably people tend to get confused about what to choose. Both outstaffing and outsourcing hold works yet outstaffing refers to hiring personals from another company or agency to work on the given assignment and have the power in their own hands, whereas outsourcing means relinquishing the given work to outsiders person or firm and having no control over it.


Putting it simply, Outstaffing focuses on hiring staff from other companies or agencies and handing over them the contract mentioning terms and conditions, and providing them with all the equipment and software. Also, the budget is predefined in Outstaffing and it is rarely going out of the estimated price.  In out-staffing, you can control and see who is working for you and under you. You are the master of your work i.e. you have a part to say while hiring the team and can relocate the team whenever you want.


  • Outstaffing focuses on hiring better professionals without paying a large sum of money
  • You can control how the developer is working with the software to be developed.
  • You can have full audacity over the team members.
  • The product acquired is of good quality.
  • The cost of the project is either exact or less than the estimated value.


  • Sometimes the communication between the employer and the client can be a problem, especially if language difference arises.
  • Acquiring the desired product from the employer is the responsibility of the client.
  • Dealing with the new workers and the tension in work is handled by the client.


Outsourcing is handing out the assigned work to the company without giving them any equipment, software, or conditions. You are directly giving the work to a third party with all the team and equipment and just contact them for the product. After giving the project, it’s out of your concern to see who is working for you or how many people are working on your project. Once your project is given to an outsource, you don’t have to worry about completing the work by yourself and wait for the delivery. The initial task is to use all supplies and develop a full-scale product.


  • Supervision of the whole work is not your headache.
  • Quality and the product delivery is a Third-party concern.
  • The company is responsible for all the equipment and software needed.
  • The client is not part of hiring the right people.


  • The client does not hold the power to interfere with the programmer’s work.
  • You cannot be a part of the development process.
  • The project cost can vary and sometimes is much higher than estimated.
  • The cost sometimes surpasses the estimated range when compared to outstaffing.

Which to choose?

As you have read all the above discussion, now you know which is right for you but still, if you have doubts then consider this, you are new in the work business and don’t know where to hire and manage, then outsourcing is the best pathway for you because it will deliver you the full product without much of your input and also will cost you everything within your budget. Whereas if you are experienced in your field and know that your desired product can be obtained in a better way of you supervise a bit or if you have a limited budget then outstaffing is better for you in every possible way. We hope that all of your doubts have been cleared and this article proved to be beneficial for you.

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