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Top 4 drones for kids in 2018

With the kind of buzz that has been created with the latest drone technology, there is no doubt that every kid is going to be enticed by the idea of drones. As much as of an exciting idea this might be, it is also necessary to ensure that the drones for kids are not just accessible but safe for them as well. This is where the safety guidelines come into play and you need to ensure that you, as a parent, get the very best for your kid and we are here to help you with just that.

In this article, we are going to be sharing some of the amazing drone racing kit that your kid would definitely want in their wish list.

KiiToys Quadcopter Drone RC Helicopter

Let’s start the list with one of the most opted for drones that the majority of the parents are inclining towards. If you are looking for a quadcopter for your kid, this is the one to go for. This specific drone helicopter comes with a 6 axis gyro along with a 4-channel radio control. The 3D flips, as well as the air light show, will definitely be something very exciting for your kid.

The one great thing about this is the fact that it is concise and quite small which makes it suitable for kids of every age and size. It is 1.5”x1.5” and offers around 5-8 minutes of flying time when you charge it once. The 3D-flipping stunt is yet another factor that makes your friends fo wow. The only downside to it is the fact that you need to fly it indoors.

Holy Stone Mini RC Drone

Much like the previous one, even the holy stone mini RC drone comes with its 6 axis gyro for stability in the flight and with easy control of the flight as well. The amazing four channels of this drone ensures to aid the player to have the satisfaction of watching the 3D flight as well as the 360 flips that are quite common with this.

Unlike the last one, this specific one comes with six bright and colourful LEDs which put on its own light showing you the direction it is being flown to. Yet another of the two amazing characteristics of this is the fact is its light-weight and easy on the budget as well because it charges you something around $40 which is quite cheap.


Don’t let the name of drone deter you, this is actually one of the best drones in the market of 2018, that’s specially designed for kids. The company UDI doesn’t necessarily need any separate introduction to authenticate the kind of reliability they bring. If you are looking for a well built and reliable drone for your kid, this is a perfect choice.

This is amazing for beginners who have little to no experience in this field. It comes with an amazingly well-equipped battery and even strong motors, which make it fly longer and for a good amount of time in comparison to the others. A consistent charging of 120 minutes lasts the drone for about 5-9 minutes.

Syma X1 4

The Syma X1 4 is one of the best selling mini quadcopters for the kids. It is shaped like that of a UFO which is definitely catches the attention of the kids and entices them even more. It easily does 3D maneuvers like that of flips, pirouettes and even more. It also has a 3-way controller which allows easy navigation in any and every direction.

Unlike the previous variants, this one has two flight modes, one for the inside and one for the outdoors. The majority of the mini-drones that are for the kids are either for indoors, but this one has the outdoor flight option which makes it one of the best options in the lot if you want to indulge your kid with some fun.

Drones are definitely in trend right now and if you want to surprise your kid with some fun, this is definitely something you need to consider before you run out of all the good options. Make sure to get every aspect of safety checked out to avoid any kind of mishap for your kid.


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