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Top 3 places where you can hide GPS tracker in car

We are all aware that these days, GPS tracker is becoming normal for the fleet and personal vehicle owners, slowly but steadily but what if the thief manages to steal the car after identifying and removing the GPS tracker from a vehicle. This article will discuss how a car GPS tracker can secure your vehicle and what are the ideal positions to hide the GPS in your vehicle.

Just like theft overspeeding is also an issue particularly with youngsters. Young drivers are less patient in comparison to other vehicle drivers. Overspeeding leads to accidents on the road, road rage and a race of overtaking others. It is not a healthy practice. Youth are the future of any country, and losing them in such accidents isn’t ideal. However, parents can keep an eye on them whenever their child goes out on a drive with GPS tracker for car. Parents can hide the GPS in the vehicle at such a place where it’s not discoverable so that their child doesn’t get to know about the GPS tracking device.

GPS tracking solution has a variety of functions which can secure your car. Here I’m going to write about some of the advantages of having a GPS tracker installed in your vehicle:

Why is GPS tracking necessary?

  1. Theft Alerts:

As we have discussed initially that its real-time anti-theft alerts can alert you whenever someone touches or try to open the lock of your car. In this point, we will understand it in more detail. Suppose the theft cases in your area have risen and every day you hear about the vehicle getting stolen from the neighbourhood and nearby area. One day the thief decided to steal your car from the parking, but you have a GPS installed in your vehicle. Due to the car GPS tracker, you get an instant alarm on your mobile, and you can go to the parking and save your car.

  1. Overspeeding:

In the second paragraph of this article, I have written about this about how overspeeding is giving a headache to the parents of youngsters. However, parents can release this stress by installing a hidden GPS tracker for car and setting a speed limit of their convenience. Therefore, whenever the child exceeds the speed limit, they will get instant notification on the mobile app.

  1. Engine Access:

It is the feature which lets you turn on or off your engine with your mobile. Suppose you’re working in your office and your car is parked in the parking area. Suddenly a thief came into the parking area, and he tries to steal your car, firstly you will get the instant anti-theft alert, but when you reach the parking, he manages to steal the vehicle somehow. Here the role of engine lock comes into play, with the help of engine access feature you can turn off your engine and your car will stop immediately.

  1. Portable:

Having a GPS tracker installed in your car isn’t enough because if it’s visible or easily discoverable then anybody can remove it and you will not get to know. Hiding the GPS in an undiscoverable place in the vehicle is necessary, a portable GPS tracking system can help you with its small size. Being wireless and it’s the small size you can hide it anywhere throughout the vehicle.

  1. Perfect Solution at Affordable Price:

Many people believe that if a device making their INR 5 Lakh- INR 10 Lakh vehicle secure must be expensive and even if it’s not costly, still a luxury item and doesn’t worth investment. Let me tell you that having a car or bike is also considered a luxury, but people who have enough money still purchase it and should if it’s convenient for them. The average price of a car tracking system starts from INR 3K, which is very less if you compare it with vehicles’ cost. Therefore, anybody who can afford to purchase a bike or car can also afford a vehicle tracking system.

How to hide your GPS device?

Many factors should be considered when you place a GPS tracking device in your vehicle. If the GPS tracker’s visibility is not a concern, you can put your device in the dashboard or roof of the vehicle because it has a clear line of sight that can provide a clear path for direct communications with the satellites. However, if the visibility of the device is a concern, then you can hide your vehicle tracker in the following places:

  1. Under Vehicle:

If you place your device under the vehicle with the right placement, it can come in the sky’s direct contact, which will allow direct communication with the satellites and provide you with good signal and tracking. Proper care needs to be taken to ensure that it is protected by elements and blocked by anything or metal.

  1. Dashboard:

Special care needs to be taken if you’re placing or installing your GPS tracker inside the dashboard. However, it’s very unlikely to get discovered, and there’s no metal inside the dashboard so it won’t face any issue in communicating with the satellites.

  1. Under the Seat:

Placing the vehicle tracking device under the driver’s or passenger’s seat is a known trick. However, care still needs to be taken because anything made of metal under the seat or around the seat can disrupt its functioning.


Installation of a car GPS tracker is becoming a necessity, but installing the device isn’t enough, placing it correctly is also important. As we have discussed in the article, visibility isn’t an issue for some people, but some want it hidden. With the modern world, thieves are also becoming modern before stealing they remove the GPS device so that nobody can track. Hence, hiding a GPS tracking device at an undiscoverable place in the vehicle is as important as installing it.



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