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Top 13 Apps For Occupational Therapist Assistants

If you are like me, then you probably have an app on your smartphone for just about everything you do in life.

In the mobile age that we are living in, using apps to assist your occupational therapy patients can be quite helpful due to the convenience of apps.

Think about it, during your occupational therapy treatment sessions, you and your patients always have your phones.

It is becoming common for OT professionals to incorporate the use of mobile apps while treating their patients.

Apps are a great way to break the ice and give the patients a good therapy experience.

Today's list of apps comes recommended by the OTA Guide for occupational therapy students who are studying in online OTA programs.

Here are the 13 apps that you must start using in your occupational therapy practice. And don’t worry about cost, because these apps are all low cost or free!

1.) Choiceworks (Bee Visual LLC)

Price: $6.99 – Assists kids in their daily routines, regulating their emotions, and encouraging independence. Developed with help from pediatric development specialists.

2.) ABA Flash Card Game (Innovative Mobile Apps)

Price: $.99 – A collection of digital flash cards that will teach kids about their emotions.

3.) DayCape: Daily Visual Planning – Diamonic Creations AB

Price: Free – The app helps kids visually plan their daily schedules. Timers go off for activities helping children stay on task and feel organized.

4.) Alien Buddies – A Preschool Learning App (Artgig Studio)

Price: $2.99 – The app provides puzzles and games that teach kids finger control skills alongside learning opportunities such as letter recognition.

5.) Highlights Monster Day (Highlights for Children Inc.)

Price: Free – Kids take care of a pet monster by assisting with its daily routine which in turn helps the child complete their routine. Getting dressed and brushing teeth has never been this fun!

6.) Touch and Learn Emotions (Innovative Mobile Apps)

Price: $1.99 – The app helps kids learn body language and how to process other’s emotions.

7.) GoNoodle (Developer Unknown)

Price: Free! – Take breaks during therapy sessions with these fun videos.

8.) Dexteria: Fine Motor Skills (BinaryLabs Inc.)

Price: $3.99 – Provides finger isolation exercises that develop children’s pre-handwriting skills.

9.) ABCs PocketPhonics (Apps in My Pocket Ltd)

Price: Free/$6.99 – (Version Lite is limited) This app sounds letters out to children who then have to properly trace the letter on the screen.

10.) Trace It, Try It: Handwriting Practice for Children (This Reading Mama, LLC)

Price: $2.99 – The app teaches kids how to form numbers, letters, and even some common 3 letter words.

11.) Touch & Write (Fizzbrain LLC)

Price: $2.99 –  A fun way to learn cursive and other handwriting skills.

12.) Emotionary an Emotion Diary (Funny Feelings)

Price: Free – Provides occupational therapist assistants with a diary to track patient’s emotions helping to identify behavioural triggers.

13.) Ready to Print (Essare LLC)

Price: $9.99 – Give patients fun ways to learn fine motor and handwriting skills.

So, there you have it, the top 13 apps for occupational therapist assistants working with kids.

For more great resources for occupational therapy assistants you can check out this list from the Cleveland University OTA blog.

Be honest, how excited are you to start using these fun apps for Occupational Therapy treatments?

After you incorporate these apps into your treatments you will see faster and better patient outcomes.

Plus, your patients will really enjoy their new therapy apps!

After trying some of these apps let us know what you think in the comments below.

Brian Flores
Brian Flores
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