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Tips To Create A Powerful Brand Identity

A brand can’t survive in a competitive market without a strong identity that can accurately convey the essence. Building a brand identity requires a lot of deep thinking, design skills, and team communication. Moreover, you should also have an intimate understanding of your brand.

To develop your brand strategy, you should know what you want to achieve with this campaign. Every successful brand strategy should include the list of core values, visual design, interactive elements, and brand voice.

Before you dive into design, do your research. Make sure that your brand is unique, among many others. Also, you should get to know your potential customers and direct competition. It’s important to ask users what they think about your product and how you can improve.

After you gather this information, you will be able to create your visual concept. Keep in mind that the logo (fairly small element in your company) can influence your audience’s perception of your business.

First of all, a graphic designer should develop solid visual imagery. Once it is approved with the team, you can explore colors. Your design should be creative but not overwhelming. A decent logo’s color palette usually includes one main color, two primary colors, two accent colors, and up to five complementary colors.

To learn more about visual branding, check out the infographic provided by Stickeroo:


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