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Influencer Marketing: Challenges, Risks & How to Avoid Them

Everyone is talking about Influencer marketing and it is but natural for people to hop on the bandwagon as soon as they can. Apart from the fact that it gives brand visibility, Influencer marketing also is a very simple way to pull customers. However, everything comes with a risk and the same applies here too. Here we talk about Influencer marketing- its challenges and risks and how you can avoid it.

Influencer Marketing

Challenge 1

Identifying the right influencer for your particular brand is a challenge that most marketers find difficult to overcome. In fact, in a hurry to do something different they actually end up with one who would not be able to influence the consumer the way you want. Normally if you hire influencer marketing services you can save yourself from this trouble. knows how to identify and approach an influencer to make the deal a fruitful one for you.

Challenge 2

The next challenge is measuring the ROI you garner after any influencer marketing campaign. The tools that are available online are unable to gauge the same effectively. However, new tools are being explored and if you select the correct performance metrics you would be able to know whether your campaign has been successful or a failure.

Challenge 3

Lastly attracting and engaging influencers is bound to make you feel a little jittery. This is because these people are so busy and receive many requests per day and handling the same could be tough to do. To get out of this mess select only these influencers who have similar interests as yours and would deliver too and then craft personalized messages that they are bound to look into.

Risk 1

In the case of influencer marketing, the impressions people have of him really matter. A celebrity is loved only until a new scandal does not pop up. The moment something like that happens people wants to drop him and his associated brands without a second thought. If you have joined hands with an influencer you are always in the danger of facing this situation. It is always better to keep an eye on the grapevine and as soon as you hear something negative leave his association and make the same public too.

Risk 2

Influencer marketing is heavily controlled by Social media. It is easy for people to dig and find out the secrets of a celebrity and publish the same on Social media. Once the same happens the news spreads and soon your influencer is in trouble and so is your brand. This is fateful for your brand as the customers ditch you too. It is always better to understand the working and background of your influencer before picking him up.

Risk 3

However hard you may try to get a genuine influencer the truth is that some of them are only doing it for money. They may be promoting your brand but only for the returns that they are going to get out of it. This is a tough situation as they may not take any personal interest to develop your brand as such. The maximum you can do is to check the reviews of such people before taking them on board.


Though Influencer marketing has been beneficial to brands there are many challenges and risks that grapple it. If you want to get the best returns of this marketing trick you must use PRchitects to help you proceed with it. They can help you choose the correct person and execute the content marketing strategies too. With their guidance, you can use Influencer marketing to get results in the form of brand recall and increased sales.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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