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Tips That Will Help You Enhance the Security of Warehouse

If you outside of the security industry then implementing logistics and security system in the warehouse will look very daunting. You need to install anything that is risk-related such as access control, theft prevention, surveillance, disaster recovery, fire and safety, environmental monitoring, and data security. In the past, people contract with a single company to install all of these services. This is not possible anymore as you have to address a single company to fix or address the security-related issues. The main thing that a supplier or manufacturer wants is to optimize its supply-chain processes.

The warehouse today is equipped with the latest technology and automated centers. That is why; we have written this article to list the most important warehouse security surveillance tips. If you do not have any professional security system in your warehouse then you can get a jump-off point from this article.

Enhance the Security of Warehouse

Do Not Rely on Manual Data Entry

Relying on manual data entry is not a good idea these days when you have the barcode scanners. Use mobile computers to scan the barcode of the products received in the warehouse to automatically identify and record the arrival date of the product. Manually entering the data take too much time. Moreover, there are chances of error when a person is manually entering the data.

Have an Emergency Response Plan in Place

The employees in the warehouse should have an emergency plan so when an emergency event happens, they know what they need to do. This should be a complete plan including evacuation procedure and emergency exit locations. This should also include the procedure to guide the visitors to the exit location. Moreover, there should be operations need to lockout the warehouse to prevent equipment from accidentally energized. If there are some kind of hazard products available then the employee needs to have protective equipment.

Often Communicate

You need to set your organizational goal and need to perform actions to achieve them to make your warehouse operations more effective. Creating effective communication in an organization is the responsibility of the manager. It helps increase turnover and productivity.

Motion Detection

Motion detection systems are a very important part of the warehouse security and surveillance system. When someone tries to sneak into the premises, the system will tell you. The working of the motion detector is very simple. When a sensor tripped by the movement, it sends the signal to security control penal.

Glass break Detection

It is also an important sensor that sends a signal when a panel of glass is broken or shattered. Basically, this sensor is attached to a microphone. When this microphone detects ay noise or vibration from the glass, it triggers the alarm and sends the signal to the control panel. It does not work on any vibration, there is a threshold. It only triggers the alarm when it exceeds a certain threshold. This system is very important to install in large warehouses with ground-level windows.

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