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Tips For Writing A Memorable Personal Essay

What is the best way to write an essay? Some students and writers think that it is easy to write essays, but there is nothing so. You should always have to pay attention to certain things, like the structure, format, purpose, and deadline, in order to be able to come up with quality papers.

Tips For Writing A Memorable Personal Essay

Everyone has a message or story to share, but some people do not know what types of words should be used. If you are one of them and need some assistance or guidance, then we have shared some tips for writing a memorable personal essay.

Have a clear understanding of what is a personal essay

How to write a personal essay? It may not be possible for you to write a good personal essay if you do not know what it actually is. By this way you present yourself and how good you are in business  or how you keep yourself healthy and strong, cooking habits, travelling and etc.A personal essay is written using personal point of views, and it does not need to have references or citations. This is because you write everything about yourself in this kind of essay and need not to share the opinions or viewpoints of other people in it. You should understand the meaning and significance of personal essay before coming to the point where you decide to write it. If you are not able to understand its purpose, then it will become impossible for you to come up with a quality product.

Create striking topic

One of the best tips for writing a personal essay is to create a striking topic. You should give it a nice title or headline so that the reader gets engaged instantly. In addition, you should ensure that the topic of your personal essay is texted briefly and with professional words. For example, some personal essays are written about your personality, some about your professional life, and the others highlight your love life. It depends on your taste and mood of how you want to structure it and what type of topic you are looking to write about.

Grab attention with a hook

How to write a good personal essay? You should learn how and when to grab the attention of the target audience. For this purpose, you should begin the essay with a clear, concise and great introduction. In this part of the paper, you should write what you are going to talk about and how you have planned to take the reader to the next part or step of the essay. In the meantime, you should write understandable and readable sentences, and there is no need to use confusing or out of context words.


How to begin a personal essay? Before you start writing a personal essay, it is good to prepare an outline. In the outline, you should include the basic details like the purpose of your paper and its short term and long term effects. In addition, you should remember that the outline consists of only one page as there is no need to include a lot of unnecessary details in it. Keep it short and to the point, and then follow it when you begin writing the actual essay.

Only one purpose

How to end a personal essay? One of the major mistakes people make is that they include a lot of things at the same place and this lowers the quality of the content to an extent. You should avoid this mistake and ensure that the essay has only one purpose or topic of discussion. For example, if you are writing about your love life, then there is no need to talk about what you do in the office and who are your colleagues over there.

Play with feelings

You should learn how to play with feelings, but this should not be taken from a negative point of view. Instead, you must be familiar with what your target audience is looking for so that you can come up with an engaging and informative essay. If you do not pay any attention to their requirements or expectations, then it will become impossible for you to maintain their interest throughout the personal essay.

Provocative conclusion

If you think that there is no need to write a conclusion in the essay, then you are making a big mistake. You must end the personal essay with a provocative conclusion and raise a number of questions in the mind of the reader, urging them to ask questions or to leave feedback. This will allow you to keep them intact and will enable you to come up with what is extraordinarily special.

You should remember that there is no room for plagiarism and that the essay does not need a specific format like APA, MLA or Harvard. Instead, you should keep things short and to the point while writing the personal essay from scratch. You should edit and proofread it before presenting to someone, who is tasked to check and judge its quality and consistency.

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