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Tips for Moving Large & Heavy Furniture

Moving heavy and large furniture is an extremely complicated process. It may be even harder than you might think. If you are not properly prepared for moving such bulky furniture pieces as couches and wooden cabinets, you are likely to hurt your back and joints. You can also damage your furniture during the move. For these reasons, before hauling heavy and awkward items around, take your time to learn some useful tips to make it safer and easier.

Tips for Moving Large & Heavy Furniture

Tips for moving large & heavy furniture

 Get help

The very first step you should take is to protect yourself before protecting your home and furniture. Try to ask your family members and close friends to get some helping hands. This will definitely make the entire process less complex. In case there are no volunteers, you should consider hiring a professional furniture moving company to take the burden off your shoulders. Carry out extensive research of furniture movers in your area and get a quote.

  1. Measure the doorways

Another important thing to do is to measure all the doorways and hallways you will have to pass through when moving your furniture pieces. Remove the molding on the doorways to create extra space to maneuver. You may damage the items if you try to push them through too small hallways and doorways. This may also lead to potential injuries to your moving partner or yourself.

  1. Clear the pathway

It is not a secret that the pathways should be clear of clutter before you move the items. Thus, you will prevent any tripping hazards. A great idea is to lay down roll-out plastic liners or moving blankets on the floors. This will help you avoid floor scuffing and damage. Always be careful and wear closed-toed non-slip shoes to prevent fatal accidents.

  1. Invest in tools

There are some devices that will help you lift heavy furniture pieces with ease:

  • A shoulder dolly. You can use special lifting straps to connect your shoulders and thus take the weight off your back. However, do not use a shoulder dolly if you need to move pieces up or downstairs. The weight will completely shift to the bottom or person.
  • Use moving blankets. You can also utilize moving blankets instead of sliders. They will keep your possessions safe during a move. Put the entire blanket under the item and pull it in the needed direction. If you need to move furniture upstairs, fold up moving blankets and place them on each step. Put another blanket under the piece and pull the edge to move the item up. Always have a friend steady the back of the furniture if your steps are particularly steep.
  • A moving dolly. If you are moving extra heavy items or home appliances, buy or rent moving dollies. They are very easy to use. Put pieces on top of them and push them around using the dolly’s wheels. A dolly is supposed to be large enough for your furniture; you should not use a dolly if the items are higher than the chest-level.
  1. Disassemble large items

If possible, disassemble your furniture pieces into smaller ones and only then start moving them. Place all the bolts, nuts, and screws in a plastic bag to make it easier to re-assemble your furniture afterward.

  1. Remove any items inside the furniture

If you are relocating something like a bookcase or wardrobe, remove all the items it may have. In case it is a sofa, the cushions should also be removed. Besides, remove drawers, knobs, shelves, and legs if possible. This will help you pass through doorways.

Hopefully, these tips will help you move your furniture pieces safely and securely. Good luck!

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