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Three Tips To Stop Your Vape Tank Leaking

A leaking tank is one of the most frustrating experiences that vapor can have. It gets more frustrating when this keeps on happening every time you wish to vape. Luckily, you can easily solve the vaping problems that you have and continue enjoying your vapes stress-free. Here are three ways through which you can stop your vaping tank from leaking.

Three Tips To Stop Your Vape Tank Leaking

Ensure That You Fill Your Tank to the Right Level and Tighten It Up

More often than not, how you fill your clearomizer will determine whether or not there will be leakages in your vape tank. This is regardless of whether the vape tank is overfilled or underfilled. In this case, when you do overfill the tank, you fail to leave some amount of air which helps leave a vacuum inside the tank that will help hold the e-liquid in the chamber. On the other hand, when the tank is underfilled, it could also end up causing more harm than good.

Additionally, when you fill up the vape tank, ensure that the e-liquid does not reach to the central tube. Tilt up your tank and ensure that the liquid runs inside the glass and away from the center tube as possible. Tightening is another arch cause of leaking in the vape glass. Therefore, ensure that you reattach your atomizer head to the base and reattach the base to your tank. Screw it in clockwise, line everything up, and turn it anti-clockwise until you hear a click.

Leave the Tank Standing Up

Whenever the vape tank is not in use or when it is still in use, ensure that you put it in a vertical condition. This is not of much concern when the tank is not full but is of much importance when the tank is under half-filled. The juice holes in the coil make it risky, but when the holes are full the holes are coved with juice making it hard for the juice to escape. When it is under half full, and you fail to have it in a vertical position, the juice holes come out of the e-liquid. This makes it easy for the juice to get into the coil, out of the airflow holes or into the central tube Simply eliquid.

Inhale Softly and Slowly Instead Of Sharply and Firmly

More often than not, your vaping mode style could be a major cause of the leaking in your tank especially when you are new at vaping. So to be good in the game, you need to remember that there is a difference between inhaling the e-cigarette and the normal cigarette. When using an e-cigarette, drawing harder makes you accomplish little while drawing harder on a cigarette gives you mire smoke. Therefore, ensure that you make the puff that will be enough for you would cause damage to your vape tank.

Your vape tank is one of the most important items that you will own as a vaper. For this reason, having the tank leak from time to time thus demanding you to have a new one will be a bit frustrating. Use the tips above to see some of the ways through which you can stop your vape tank from leaking Simply eliquid.

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