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Things To Do When It’s Raining In Hong Kong

   Having something to do on a rainy day in Hong Kong can make you feel like you haven’t wasted your holiday. Given Hong Kong experiences a regularly rainy season during the summer months (July to September), it’s good to be prepared. There are various exciting things to see and fun to have when it’s raining, even in the worst of storms.

Here are some cool things to do or places you can go to escape the rain in Hong Kong.

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Visit the shopping malls.

Hong Kong has some of the best shopping malls and experiences in Asia. Hanging out or shopping in the malls would surely excite the most experienced shopaholic. The malls offer a host of entertainment options to keep customers happy, such as cinemas and playgrounds. What’s more, the Landmark in Central has Michelin-starred restaurants with flagship designer brands exhibiting the most recent season’s trends before anywhere else in the Asian continent. Also, Kowloon’s Elements shopping mall offers ice skating and live performance spaces to add to its already incredible shopping options. ISquare on Nathan Road equally has an IMAX theatre where one can see the most recent films.

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Get to see the culture at a museum

They may no be among the world’s most famous museums, but Hong Kong’s museums have received substantial financial backings to renovate and improve recently. This means Hong Kong’s museums really are world-class. The city has plenty of museums and art exhibitions that are great to see when it’s raining. The Maritime Museum in Central and the Museum of History in Kowloon are two of the best. Everyone needs to see or explore both these museums at least once, whether it’s raining or not.

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Indulge in Afternoon tea

Enjoying afternoon tea in Hong Kong has been a popular tradition since the British colonial days. This trend has never gone away. Sitting down in an elegant drawing room with tea, cakes, scones, and all the trimmings is a great way to spend a rainy afternoon in the city. Meanwhile, some of the best afternoon teas are situated in elegant hotels like the Shangri-La Hong Kong, which has five-afternoon tea offerings based in different hotel locations. As the rain goes splitter splatter, it’s great to sit back and enjoy your tea.

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Participate In Cooking Classes

Taking part in a cooking lesson in Hong Kong is an excellent way to experience the city’s love for food. In particular, Towngas Cooking Centre in Causeway Bay, a famous cooking school, offers a vast array of cooking classes, including Cantonese cuisine cooking lessons. The introductory class commences with the basics, although there are higher classes that focus on western cuisine, dim sum, desserts, and vegetarian recipes. Most Classes begin from HK$400 for a 2.5hour long course. A rainy day is a perfect opportunity to learn new cooking skills and also perhaps perfect your baking skills.

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Get your Game on

It’s a great time to keep up your competitive streak and battle it out with your mates in a game when everyone is stuck inside. In particular, live puzzle escape games are a perfect all-weather activity that also keeps your brain active. The game sounds simple; figure out the answers to a range of puzzles to get your freedom within a 45-minute time-frame. Meanwhile, in reality, the game is anything but simple. It involves working in a group, between 2 to 6 players; you have to piece together the clues against the clock. Most of the games are drafted for anyone aged seven and above.

Attempt a new Sport

Attempting a new sport is another great option to consider when there is a downpour in Hong Kong. Hong Kong has a fantastic range of sports or exercises one can explore. One can jump around on Ryze’s trampolines in Quarry Bay, scale some genuine statues at Verm City’s Clasp n’ Climb park. You could also consider heading to Sai Kung’s tropical-themed Tikitiki bowling bar, practicing golf strokes in Causeway Bay and Lai Chi Kok, or meeting up with a couple of friends and passing the time playing pool at the local clubhouse.

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Learn basic kung fu with a Shaolin maestro

Like in other Asian countries, kung fu is a popular activity in Hong Kong. Consequently, consider going to Lantau Island to learn Kung Fu fundamentals with a well known Shaolin master. This will be sure to spice up your time in Hong Kong. Kung Fu classes involve focusing on both your mental and physical states; anyone with a reasonable fitness level can undertake the class, and no experience is mandatory. The course duration is six hours. It’s an enjoyable experience. Even better, you can enjoy a vegetarian meal and take a walk to the local temple as part of the process. The Hong Kong Shaolin Wushu Culture Centre is situated on Lantau Island and is mainly open to anyone from the age of eight and above.


Stormy days are ideal for sitting inside and watching some exciting movies or getting up to speed with Netflix’s latest offering. Splash out on a big box of popcorn and get comfy in your home cinema for a day of binge-watching your best Netflix films.

Finally, go for Chinese acupuncture and massage

Seemingly, you could go to a hotel spa or local spa and be pampered with a body scrub and oil massage; however, since you are in Hong Kong, you might as well use the chance to get a traditional Chinese acupuncture and massage. While certainly not for all, the use of acupuncture dates back thousands of years and is seen as a way to boost the immune system, cure persistent aches and pains in the body. There are diverse acupuncture clinics in the city, but it is advisable to research well before choosing.

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Nail your looks in Nail salons in Hong Kong

If indeed the eyes are referred to as the windows to our soul, inherently, the nail is our canvas. The shape, the texture, length, colour and choice of nail art is hugely dependent on the style, preference and the utmost poise of the wearer.

Whenever it rains, visit a nail salon in Hong Kong. 

Final Words

Talk to us, which of these activities do you find rather interesting to do, when it rains in Hong Kong?

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