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TheWiSpy – Cell Phone Monitoring App Review

TheWiSpy - Cell Phone Monitoring App

In the world of a phone monitoring app, it is confusing to choose one of the best mobile phone surveillancesoftware. If you are looking for the best spyware app to monitor the screens, then we will help you to make the best decision.

With in-depth research, we have searched a cell phone monitoring app, TheWiSpy. Let us help you with TheWiSpy reviews because we will cover this best app to spy on another phone with all the in-depth details.

TheWiSpy: what it is?

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TheWiSpy is the spyware app, spy on any target device including; multimedia access, contacts, SMS, and many more.

It offers services at affordable rates include $29.99 per month (Basic Version), $49.99 per month (Pro Vision), $59.99 per month (Ultimate Vision), and so on. You can also get to know TheWiSpy’s pros and cons.

Let’s discuss the advantages of TheWiSpy:

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We have visited TheWiSpy mobile spy app and come along with some useful features to keep an eye on your teens.

  • It allows you to track your teen’s location.
  • Triggered words alert 24/7 to monitor the smartphone.
  • Check out the call log to keep track of suspicious contacts.
  • Stay informed about outgoing and incoming calls.
  • Monitor the multimedia files.
  • Follow the instant alerts of the target device.
  • Keep an eye on the web browser history. 

Pay attention to call recordings:

This spy app provides features like track the outgoing and incoming calls. It allows you to monitor your kid’s smartphones. You can follow who is in your child’s contact list and what type of content they talk about.

Parents want to know every little detail about the kids.

TheWiSpy has brought the solution and allows you to reach the incoming and outgoing calls of your kid’s targeted device.

Stalk web browser history:

It is an important task to keep track of your kid’s path, where they are going. TheWiSpy permits the parents to monitor the web browser history of their child’s smartphone. You can watch out your kids about what searches your kids make and what type of content they watch, etc.

In this era, it is crucial to understand what is going on in the kid’s daily routines.


TheWiSpy is a powerful spyware app because it allows you to mark geographical zones for your kid’s safety. You can specify the location and get alerts 24/7.

This tool ensures the safety of your child with the Geofencing feature. You can easily track the location of the targeted device by only one click on the dashboard.

Catchthe surround Recording: 

If you are curious about what is the surrounding conversation of the target device, then you are in the right place. TheWiSpy sanctions the parents to explore the surround recordings with live 360 streaming.

This powerful feature allows parents to watch the child’s screen. You can keep an eye on your child’s company or community.

Keep track of the kid’s location with GPS location tracking feature:

Do you want to know where your child is right now?

Well, you can locate your child with only one click.

A mobile phone monitoring app TheWiSpy provides solutions to your problem. Now parents can track their kid’s location where they are. GPS location tracking feature presents live location and also allows you to control the location history.

Multimedia access:

When we visited TheWiSpy app, we found out its authoritative features including; multimedia access, etc. It’s easy to understand, and appealing features help you guide how to spy on another phone.

Along with its location tracker and many other features, it allows you to watch out the photos and videos of the targeted device. Parents easily track multimedia files without any detection.

Stay informed about the online activities and emails:

Do you know what online activities your kids perform?


The solution is here.

Remote cell phone monitoring lets you get all the information about the online activities of the target device. You can watch out visited websites of your kid’s device and related content.

TheWiSpy email feature permits the parents to read all the emails of the targeted device.

Investigate the SMS and IM chats:

TheWiSpy is a perfect choice to investigate the employee’s and kids’ chat.   It helps to explore their private details.

Such convenient features enable you to watch the targeted device SMS and IM chats to explore what employees or kids are talking about with whom. These type of features makes TheWiSpy the best spy phone app. 

Spot dubious contacts:

The technology is evolving, and the strategy to track the child’s device has become accessible with the TheWiSpy phone monitoring app.

All you need is to install this spyware software in the targeted device and monitor the contacts list along with outgoing and incoming calls. It confirms the parents whether the child has a good company or bad.


No worries, if you never use a mobile phone monitoring app. Because you do not need any experience to use the services of TheWiSpy app. When we hit this android spy app, then the most amazing experience was its user-friendly app.

Anyone can easily understand its features and spy over the targeted device. If we talk about its pricing details, no one can match the affordable rates that TheWiSpy provides to its users.

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