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Things They Don’t Tell You About Climbing Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa, located in Tanzania. It consists of 3 volcanic cones which are Kibo, Mawenzi, and Shira.

If you are planning to climb Kilimanjaro, it will surely be one of the best experiences you will go through. But for having a sure shot good experience, you must ensure of knowing about all the facts and most importantly the things that people won’t tell you before climbing Kilimanjaro. If you will be known of these 6 things before planning your trip to this mountain, you shall not face trouble in gathering the information to prepare for your trip-

Things They Don't Tell You About Climbing Kilimanjaro

1) Kili lips-

No one might tell you about this, but you may experience your lower lip pretty bigger in size than after the 3rd day. The reason may be because of the sun exposure or the high altitude. Though it’s not necessary that you will face this issue, it depends on your body and immunity. But even if you will face this, you should be mentally prepared for this before climbing, so that you won’t feel conscious and uncomfortable.

2) Diamox-

You could feel Drowsy as you would be reaching the high altitude. Diamox is a medicine which can prevent you from falling sick. Some guides may tell you to have its double dosage, but relax. A single dose would do. You just need to be calm and take it just before the trek.

3) Toilets-

No matter, if you need to pay extra money for the deluxe tent which includes toilets especially for the people suffering from gastric issues. It is actually primitive as sitting over a pot is much comfortable squatting over a hole in these types of treking or climbing over to such mountains.

4) Kili skin-

Whatever you are packing, just don’t forget to put sunscreen in your bag. Recommendable sunscreen to carry is between 30-50 SPF depending upon your skin. People who have not used sunscreens have seen many blistering, peeling or sunburn experiences on their skin, which may cause itching rashes on your skin.

5) Distance-

It may sound exciting and adventurous while you are planning your trip to climb Kilimanjaro but before getting started you should know how long your trek is.

6) Attitude, not altitude-

Whether you are finding other reasons not to exercise or you are being stressed over your kit, still you will make it to the top without any doubt (You have to think like this at times when your morale is down). It is not you who will decide and reach to the top, but it is your attitude which will push you and would encourage you to complete the trek of this mountain. Your fitness of the body also depends on your attitude.

This may happen with any of us between the trek or at some point of time. While climbing we may think why did we even think to come to climb Kilimanjaro or you are going to lose count of how many times you weeped but whenever you feel so low and de-motivated, just tell yourself you can and you will do it.

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