Thursday, September 24, 2020
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The Yahoo! Mail adds support to attach files from Dropbox

Yahoo Mail adds support to attach files from Dropbox
Adapted to cloud reality

Yahoo has recently announced a new partnership with Dropbox, through which users can attach files to the emails that are stored in the popular service cloud.

The company presents this new functionality, as another way of helping to make the email experience even simpler for its users.

“The way we see it, is that you should have the ability to check your emails, do what you should do with them and then continue your day,” writes the director of product management of Yahoo, David McDowell.

The support of Dropbox brings some very important

Initially, if the files are stored in the cloud repealed the limitation of 25MB for attachments to Yahoo, more users Dropbox can and from henceforth, to store files received via email, directly to the cloud, without the need for local storage.

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