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The Final Version of Firefox 20

Final Version of Firefox 20

Operation Private mode and a new download manager from Mozilla

Mozilla has released the final version of its Internet browser, Firefox 20, which contains several performance enhancements of the browser, but also some very useful new features.

In addition, browser enables users to open an additional window in operation Private mode, simultaneously with the other windows and tabs that are already open in “normal

This feature will be particularly useful to those who want to simultaneously connect to the same site with different accounts. Indeed, to avoid confusion, the window that is in Private mode the center button to the menu at the top Software providers, as they compete to produce unique, may offer innovative features such as hold and spin, nudge features, more impressive bonus, random jackpots and more. and left, changes color from orange is purple.

Still, Mozilla unveiled a new download manager, for better and easier management of downloaded files.

Plus, every time you want to download a file from the Internet will display a pop-up window, which after a few seconds disappears without any action from you. In addition, added a new button to the right of the main search bar pressing you to track the progress of your download.

Finally, important are the improvements of Firefox and the issue of performance. Important role it plays in the ability to disable all plug-ins that have problem with their operation, without affecting the performance of the browser.

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