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The Ultimate Guide To Choosing An Office Chair

The corporate world subjects people to prolonged hours in an office, which means, more often than not, anyone working in an office spends the better part of their work hours sited, which is why you need a proper office chair.

When choosing an office chair, it is paramount that you pick out one that befits your preference. More importantly, the choice of an office chair should be informed of the purpose. Not all office chairs are convenient for all users and for all purposes, which is why you need this guide in choosing the ideal office chair.

Choosing An Office Chair

What to look for in an office chair:


Since you are bound to spend a lot of hours sited in the office, you need to consider a chair that is highly adjustable. The adjustability goes a long way in catering for different people within the office space, primarily as to matters of height.

For this factor, consider the adjustability of a chair to height, seat depth, front and back recline. Like gaming chairs, some office chairs have a recline capability, which allows for convenience in changing sitting positions, with the highest recline angle at 180, allowing for a stretch or nap during breaks.


Movement is essential in the workplace, say, from one desk to another. Instead of always having to get up from your seat to walk to the next workstation, a moveable chair is the best option. Be keen to check out the casters and the wheels of the office chair you purchase. Test their smoothness as regards gliding, as well as their strength to withstand pressure.

Remember, mobility is also necessary for a comfortable sitting position regarding proximity to desks or computers.


The material that covers the office chair is a vital factor to pay attention to before your purchase. You want a chair that is effortless to maintain while offering you the best experience. Look for a material that is easy to clean, attractive and durable. For example, PU leather is a fine material that is hassle-free to clean, but on the other hand, real leather is more durable.

Further, consider a material that is breathable and comfortable to sit on. If should not be harsh on your skin, and it should ensure proper air circulation.


Luxury office chairs happen to be the best in offering coziness to users, even though some can be expensive. Nonetheless, there are a variety of office chairs that could meet the same need in a budget-friendly manner. You want to go for an office chair that has adequate padding but is of high quality. Thick padding offers needed support for your body, but the quality determines how long you can enjoy the comfort.

For maximum coziness, the chair should have proper padding on the lumbar region, seat surface, and the headrest. Further, an office chair with armrests is more comfortable that one without, so you should account for this too.


An office chair is not a piece of furniture you intend to keep changing every so often. Ideally, you must secure an office chair that is strong enough to not only withstand your weight but can endure longevity.

Consider the quality of materials used to frame the chair. An example, aluminum, and steel make sturdy chair frames that are resistant to wear, breakage, and even corrosion. While at it, check the weight capacity that an office chair can support.

Factors to consider when shopping for an office chair


Office chairs serve different purposes. When some chairs are meant for executive use, some are for working in front of a computer, others for customer service, brainstorming, among others. Depending on your need for the chair, the choice of an ideal chair should vary. For example, a boardroom office chair should differ from a customer service office chair.

Office décor

Variety of chairs come in different colors. While aesthetic appeal may not be a compulsory requirement in securing the perfect office chair for your space, it is imperative that you consider your office décor when shopping, some chairs come in an array of colors while some have limited choices.


Office chairs vary in price, depending on their features, capabilities, and brand. Consider an office chair that is within your budget, but has the features that befit your needs.


An office chair should be of long-term service. Consider how long you intend to use the chair before replacing it so you can land the prime office chair. This will remind you to check the warranty of a chair before buying it.

Since there is an array of office chairs to choose from, anyone can get overwhelmed when shopping for one. Even so, with this comprehensive guide, you should secure the prime office chair hassle-free.

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